Australian Survivor: A Khanh Ong Appreciation Post

khanh ong australian survivor blood vs water

Hi friends, happy MERGE! Can you believe we’re here already?!

So far, it’s been a wild season of Australian Survivor: Blood Vs. Water, full of blindsides and betrayals. We’ve seen Nina Twine vote out her own mother, two-time winner and Queen of Survivor Sandra Diaz-Twine. We’ve seen KJ Austin vote out her own sister, Sophie Cachia. We’ve seen Juicy Dave blindside himself, and then save himself with an immunity idol, and we’ve seen Mark Wales decline the opportunity to reunite with his wife, Sam Gash, during Tribe Swap.

You know what else we’ve seen? Khanh Ong, being an icon, a legend, the MOMENT.

Our obsession began when we realised that he was slowly giving us his full astrological chart via his confessionals, because look, we’re astro girlies and we consider that information IMPORTANT.

Here’s the thing. We loved Khanh on MasterChef Australia, and as it turns out, he’s also an excellent Australian Survivor player. After all, he’s managed to hold onto his very PUBLIC “hidden” Immunity Idol for, what, like 20 days now?

The way we’ve been SCREAMING at our TVs for Khanh to play it all season and he just… hasn’t??? And he’s been safe every time? Absolutely wild.

Look, regardless of how far Khanh gets into the game (far, we hope!), we want him to stay on our screens forever. #Khanh4Bachelor2022 tbh!

Anyway, here are some of our favourite and most relatable Khanh moments of Australian Survivor: Blood Vs Water.

When he realised that he may, indeed, have been The Drama:

When he leaned into being the absolute pettiest version of himself:

When he exhibited big Main Character Energy:

When he didn’t want to make it too obvious:

When he refused to acknowledge the red flag. That’s a mood.

When he decided to turn the season into an opportunity to raise funds for Minus18, an LGBTQIA+ charity.

To read more about Khanh’s charity mission and donate, click here.

When he served us a Tribal Council look:

When time lost all meaning:

When he starred in the Australian Survivor: Blood Vs Water Spring/Summer Fashion Show:

When he tried to serve us glamour (it’s the thought that counts!):

When he became his tribe’s favourite show:

When he kept it real:

And when the struggle became real:

When he also became a Chrissy stan, like the rest of us:

And when he had important questions for his sister, Amy:

Australian Survivor airs at 7.30pm, Sundays and Mondays, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand.

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