Australian Survivor: 16 Tweets Mourning Sandra Diaz-Twine’s Elimination

australian survivor blood vs water sandra diaz-twine eliminated

Dearly beloved.

We are gathered here today to honour the memory of Queen Sandra Diaz-Twine‘s time on Australian Survivor: Blood Vs. Water.

In a Succession twist for the ages, we watched tonight as Nina Twine, daughter of the eliminated, put pen to parchment and voted out her own mother in order to stay on the right side of the numbers. It’s what Sandra would’ve done.

Although Sandra made it to tribe swap, merge was not in her destiny, and sadly, the Day 16 curse remains strong.

Nina wasn’t initially planning on voting for Sandra, and had asked to be kept out of the loop if her alliance was going to make a move on her mum.

In the lead up to Tribal Council, however, she felt a shift in the air when she observed that Mark and Mel weren’t making direct eye contact with her, tipping her off that something was perhaps about to go down.

Listening to her tribe mates through Tribal Council, Nina quickly realised that her suspicions were correct, and chose to vote with her alliance to prove herself as loyal to them and to make a move for her own game.

“You always told me to stick with the majority, and unfortunately it looks like the majority is coming after you. I wish we could’ve played together longer,” Nina said as she held up her vote.

Host Jonathan LaPaglia read the votes, and the Queen was slayed.

“Sorry mum, I love you,” Nina said, getting up to hug her mum goodbye.

“No, don’t worry about it,” Sandra said.

In a graceful exit, Sandra said:

“Jonathan, I’m not even mad. I’ve played for 166 consecutive days, no one can take that away from me. And I appreciate being able to play the game I love in Australia, so thank you very much to all of those that reached out to me and invited me to play.”

Offering some last words of wisdom on the way out, she told her tribe mates: “Play to win, you guys, and if it doesn’t benefit you, don’t go along with just any plan.”

In her exit chat, Sandra said that she was “actually taken by surprise” by the vote.

“All of a sudden my daughter is lookin’ at me funny, and saying things and I’m like ‘oh, damn, her alliance is gonna get me’, and that’s exactly what happened,” she said.

But there’s no hard feelings, and now, Sandra wants Nina to bring home the win.

“I can’t critique her game, because she’s an athlete, she can play a strategic game, a physical game and a social game, so she has all three components,” she said. “I wish her a tonne of luck, I hope she comes home with the big cash money prize.”

Of course, seeing a two-time winner and Survivor legend like Sandra get voted out — and by her own daughter, no less! — is a capital B-Big Deal, so obviously, we rushed over to Twitter to see what they had to say.

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