Australian Survivor: Everything You Need to Know About Shayelle Lajoie

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Things are heating up on Australian Survivor: Blood Vs. Water, and with a whole new cast of castaways to get to know, it can be hard to keep track of who’s who. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Hailing from the Sunshine Coast, Shayelle LaJoie, 31, is a bio medical student and yoga instructor. She’s joined the show with her partner, Ben Watson.

In her 10 Play profile, Shayelle mused that “having him there will be priceless in terms of support,” explaining: “I struggle to not get caught up in my emotions sometimes, so I have to force myself to think my way out it.”

Unfortunately for her, the dream of playing side-by-side with her partner came to a rather abrupt end, when JLP immediately separated all the loved ones onto opposing teams. Sad! Perhaps they’ll be reunited at merge?

Shayelle said that her strengths in the game would be her physical strength, as well as her ability to be “socially adaptable and certainly not one to back away from a challenge”.

A “massive fan” of the show, Shayelle believes that she knows the game “pretty well” and actually, the challenges were the part of Australian Survivor that she was most looking forward to!

“They vary so much over the seasons, so I have no idea what surprises JLP is about to serve up!” she said.

If it comes down to Shay and Ben at the end, though, Shay believes she has what it takes to win it.

“I think I’ll be more likely to win Sole Survivor,” she says in her promo, “but I’ll leave it up to fate”.

As for strategy, Shay’s going to combine her two passions, yoga and science, to get herself as far into the game as possible.

“I think my strategy is just… holding an open space, like a yoga teacher would, and treating the whole thing like a half of a [secret] science experiment… and half of it as a yoga space and a time to get to know people,” she explained.

“I will play a strong social game, lead the team in some nice, juicy yoga, and use my analytical, science brain to get me through the number crunching.”

As for her tribe mates, Shayelle’s hoping that they’ll see her as somewhat of an “underdog”.

“I think they’ll be impressed by my ability in the challenges, but also my ability to push through tough times and cold, wet, hungry nights,” she said.

Will Shayelle be able to pull it off? Only time will tell, so we’ll have to keep tuning in.

Australian Survivor airs at 7.30pm, Sundays and Mondays, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand.

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