Australian Survivor: Shonee Bowtell Called the Heroes Naive, Then Became One

Shonee Bowtell - Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains
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Shonee Bowtell is a true “Australian Survivor” veteran, having competed on three different occasions. Her first appearance was on the show’s third season then “All Stars” in 2020, and now “Heroes Vs Villains“. She’s a fan favorite, a formidable challenge beast and is the only person to have appeared on the franchise three times. And now she’s going down in history with a new record; “Most Days Survived on Australian Survivor”. You go, girl!

In her previous seasons, Bowtell had different motives for competing, but this time around she’s simply focused on doing her best and seeing where it takes her. After playing a total of 89 days and finishing 4th and 7th in her previous survival runs, she’s more prepared and determined than ever before.

One thing that’s changed for Bowtell is her approach to fitness, thanks to her newfound love for Pilates. “I’m more prepared than ever because now I actually exercise,” she said. “I am hitting Pilates five to six times a week. I am so shocked that I am so into exercise. All those fit people that say, ‘Exercise is good for your mental health!’ are right. As much as it pains me to say it. I am more of an adult now since the last time I played. I love having an empty washing basket. There’s no better feeling.”

After starting on the Villains tribe, Bowtell was initially relieved to be playing for the darker side. “I’m so glad I’m not on the Heroes tribe, that just seems like a whole big snoozefest and I’m all about the fun. I’m so excited that I’m in a tribe full of Villains. These are my people. I think Villains have the upper hand because we are expecting people to blindside us and lie to us. Not like those naive little Heroes. Like lambs at a slaughter,” she mentioned.

But after a recent tribe switch, Bowtell is now playing for the Heroes. Let’s see who she’ll cross to secure the win. It definitely won’t be her island bestie, Liz Parnov, but we’ll soon find out.

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