Sophia Cachia Opened Up About Her Shock Exit from Australian Survivor

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After last night’s dramatic episode of Australian Survivor: Blood vs Water, castaway Sophia Cachia has taken to Instagram to issue a scathing statement.

To get you up to speed, on Sunday night, Sophie was booted out of her tribe, a decision that she was not happy about it. But in a sudden turn of events, Sophie moved to the opposing tribe where she joined her sister Kate. But the drama kicked off when she came face-to-face with the people who voted her out, and what followed the on-screen confrontation was an angry rant off-screen about the show, its producers and her fellow contestants.

“Opting to work tonight instead of watching the episode because of how much anxiety I have,” she wrote.

“The lies created to save their own asses turned really personal and I wasn’t having a part of it. It hurt me and a lot of others. Mutual friends have confirmed it was a part of [their] plan from way before production even began when they knew I was on it.

“It was f*****g horrible and they know exactly what I’m talking about.”

She added, “‘It’s a game’ is one thing, and I always credit impeccable game play. But what one person did was beyond what I could deal with and am still clearly affected today. That type of shit isn’t for me xx.”

She then proceeded to write: “I’m also really disappointed in production again. Everyone could see us talking the whole time. We made a set deal on that podium. I told her she could win and get the victory in front of both tribes, but in return, my boys would be safe and they wouldn’t be picked off.

“I put my trust in her again. And I swear on my children’s f*****g lives of that and hold my head high for that decision. I wouldn’t involve my children if it wasn’t the truth. That’s my loyalty to my people. That’s me.”

She went on to address fellow castaway Alex Frost who was eliminated last night, calling him a “genuinely gorgeous guy”.

“This was horrible,” she wrote. “A genuinely gorgeous guy who couldn’t do it anymore. I felt for Alex terribly that he left the game that way, and then had to go back to camp with such guilt that I was still there and he had gone. He was loved by EVERYONE, such a loss around camp and the game.”

Alex wasn’t the only person she praised, she also spoke positively of her sister, saying: “Thank you sissy for supporting me. No one can ever understand the emotional and mental turmoil you experience in this game.”

Sophie’s revelation comes after an interview with Confidential, where she said she doesn’t agree with “How emotionally or sneakily the competition is.”

“It’s scary to me how easily people were able to lie and manipulate you.”

Australian Survivor airs at 7.30pm, Sundays and Mondays, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand.

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