The Bachelor Recap: Jimmy’s Rebellious Hairline and a Starbucks Date Told in 10 Tweets

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We’re nearly at the home stretch of The Bachelor, and things are starting to get serious. 

So serious in fact, that stage 10 clinger Brooke is proving just how obsessive she can get.

We all have a sneaky habit of stalking people we’re dating, but most of us don’t admit to it. Brookey on the other hand spilled to Jimmy that she saw sexy photos of him and Lily on the beach and despite signing up to a show where one man dates 23 women, she felt “betrayed”.

Look, I don’t blame Brooke for sabotaging whatever the heck she has with Jimmy, because at the end of the day, his idea of a Melbourne themed date was serving her sponsored Starbucks coffee.

Anyway, after talking about her insecurities, Brooke decides to stick it out, because Jimmy is her one true love and her grandparents didn’t give her superpowers for nothing.

After that absolute cringe fest we’re subjected to a woman who claims she’s a “professional face reader” and what certificate do I need to do in TAFE in order to get that gig?

She tells Jimmy he has a “rebellious hairline” whatever the heck that means.

She also claims Brooke is independent which is the precise moment I knew this lady is full of shit because you don’t need to read Brooke’s face to know she is NOT independent.

At the cocktail party, Brooke pulls Jimmy aside and asks him to basically plan his entire life around her as she can’t deal with his gruelling work schedule.

“He works till 11 o’clock and I’d be spending a lot of nights on my own,” she says.

“You work nights, I work in the morning — from eight till four-thirty. I wanna spend nights with my partner … and I need you to know that.”

But instead of agreeing and rescheduling flight itineraries to suit her schedule, Jimmy unsurprisingly tells her she just has to deal with it.

At this point I’m screaming at Jimmy, begging him to send her home but instead, he decides to torture us a little more and sends Ash and Lily packing instead.

Well, there’s always tomorrow. 

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