The Bachelor Recap: A Potential Plane Crash and a Photoshoot Gone Wrong Told in 14 Tweets

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Aaaand we’re back. It’s episode two of The Bachelor and the show starts off with the women discussing kissing on the first date *scandalous* but this show is PG after all.

That intellectual, thought-provoking conversation comes to a grinding halt as Osher walks in. The girls forget they’ve met him before and they squeal with excitement.

We’re then reminded that Jay has the key to the business lounge. Get it? Business lounge? Because ol’ boy Jimothy is a pilot in case you forgot.

Osher then pulls out a fancy purple envelope that he most likely picked up from Officeworks on his way to the mansion.

It’s a date card! More squealing ensues as Laura is given the tough task of opening the envelope and pulling out two boarding passes. Y’know, because Jimmy is a pilot.


The women sit in anticipation, as they try to guess who will be lucky enough to go on a first date with Jimmy. Brooke is hopeful, but Stephanie is waiting with bated breath, wishing it’s her.

Girl, aren’t you the one that hates pilots? Make up your mind.

Alas, it’s Brooke. She screams in excitement, saying she thinks about Jimmy “all the time” even though she’s only known him for a few days.

In the background the villain was concocting an evil plan. Sierah was clearly livid, saying she hopes the date is a failure.

Fast forward to the next scene, where Jimbo is seen on a motorbike (seriously, does this guy own a car?) with his deep thought face on. He says Brooke made a “massive impression on him”.

He wants to make sure the date is perfect. We as viewers sit at home and wonder just what the date will entail, once again, did you know Jimmy was a pilot?

The time has finally come, Brooke and Jimmy meet for their first date. Jimmy asks Brooke if she has any idea what they’ll be doing …. while standing in front of a plane.

She has eyes Jimmy, I’m sure she sees it parked right behind you.

Brooke mentions she’s a nervous flyer, and after a few scenes, we go from watching The Bachelor to Aircrash Investigations.

“So far, this date is not going to plan,” says Jimmy.

But after intense turbulence, and Jimmy’s bad judgement about flying a plane in a storm, everything turns mystical and magical when Brooke looks out the window.

Back at the mansion, the girls receive another date card. They’re surprised to learn it’s a photoshoot even though it happens every year.

Only a handful of women are picked, and they’re eager to make their mark in Jimmy’s heart.

After surviving that debacle, Jimmy takes Brooke to an outdoor spot with a couch, saying he “tried to pick a nice spot” to take her.

Yeah, right. Let’s pretend it was you that set this place up and not the entire team behind the show. Sounds legit.

Brooke tells him she has strong feelings for him as they canoodle on the couch, and Jimmy magically makes a rose appear from what seems like his butt crack.

“The day couldn’t have gone any better,” he says, despite nearly crashing the plane.

Cue the photoshoot. The women walk out and swoon over Jimbo, with Belinda saying he looks like someone from a perfume ad, not a Lynx Africa ad.

Osher reveals they will be recreating famous love stories, and Stephanie complains that she expected something more exciting. Same here GF.

Laura is forced to dress up as an old woman, as she continues to talk like Kath and Kim.

But being dressed as granny doesn’t stop her from feeling Jimmy up. The girls start to hijack one another’s shoot as they all want a piece of the Jimster.

The next photoshoot is a classic wedding, with Tatum as the bride and Belinda as …. clearly someone who is not wearing underwear as she loudly points out.

All of a sudden there’s screaming and Jimmy looks like he’s regretting every decision he’s ever made in his life. Namely this one.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Jimmy has a photoshoot with Sierah and Tahnee at a birthday party setup. But the most shocking thing about the entire moment was despite The Bachelor’s big budget, they bought a Costco birthday cake.

Maybe the money was used on MasterChef this year?

There’s tension between Sierah and Tahnee, as the two women compete against one another for Jimmy’s attention.

Once again, Jimmy seems to want to crawl back to the safety of his parent’s Palm Beach mansion.

It’s Lily’s turn now, and IDK who decided to give her a solo photoshoot in makeshift rain, but it seems a little unfair tbh.

It all gets a bit saucy, as suddenly, Jimmy’s shirt is coming off and they’re making out in the rain AKA a man holding up a hose.

Jimmy then spends some alone time with Lily, and he mentions he’s concerned about her young age. Lily opens up about her family and said her circumstances made her mature earlier than normal.

We’re now at the cocktail party, and the girls are MAD. By girls I mean Sierah. She confronts Tahnee about pulling her hair at the photoshoot, and they exchange a few words before gassy girl storms off, probably to rip a fart in private.

Jay uses her key to the business lounge to challenge Jimmy to another game of chess, because she clearly didn’t learn the first time.

Brooke is upset that Jimmy is giving other girls attention, and I think she’s forgotten the point of the show.

Stephanie takes Jimsterina to the side and brags about her plane knowledge, but he doesn’t seem too impressed. Instead he kinda looks freaked out which seems to be his default setting throughout this entire episode.

All the women want his time, and Sierah has a private chat with him as she sheds a few tears. Tahnee gives dirty looks from the sidelines.

In the end, Belinda and Jacinta failed to receive a rose, so they said their goodbyes and left the mansion.

The Bachelor Australia airs at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play.

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