The Bachelor Recap: Jimmy Friendzones Ashleigh Told in 13 Tweets

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The latest episode of The Bachelor promised a ton of drama, and while someone was sent home, it wasn’t as bad as it was made out to be.

The show starts off in the mansion, as Ashleigh and Sierah are feeling down about not spending much time with Jimmy.

But their dark and stormy mood is brought to a halt as a helicopter heads straight towards them, and of course, Jimmy is inside.

Look, IDK about you, but I’m so over the extravagant entrances. Like, just walk or something.

The women, who most likely spent hours getting ready quickly regret their decision, as their hair and false lashes go flying all over the place.

Jimbo walks out of the helicopter and chooses Jay to take on a date, which ruffles a few feathers, particularly Laura, Sierah and Tatum’s.

They aren’t happy about Jay’s connection with Jimmy, and thankfully, Sierah refrained from mentioning an STI, piss or methane.

Now, The Bachelor has got to make money somehow, which is why the date involved a number of sponsored cars as Jimmy reveals the two of them will be involved in a high-speed chase.

Jay reveals she had a traumatic accident a few years ago so she doesn’t really want to do it.

But because this is a reality show and f*** feelings, Jay decided to do it anyway.

She ends up winning and I find myself cheering for her because any man that arrives on a date on a helicopter needs to be firmly put in his place.

They actually have REALLY good chemistry, I find myself rooting for them.

Anyway, she gets a rose and they make out.

Next up we have the group date, and this time, Jimmy has no idea wtf is happening because Osher has planned it.

Holly shades Jimmy by saying if he chose the date they’d all be in their bikinis. 

We’re randomly introduced to a clown, a queen, a wizard and Indiana Jones?

All of a sudden, Sierah bursts into tears because she’s scared of clowns, and you know what? Fair enough. Clowns are terrifying.

The date is … weird. The five chosen women go sit in a room away from Jimmy and talk to him through their avatars.

It started off quite wholesome, with the women revealing what they used to have in their school lunchbox.

Sierah mentions she had Dunkaroos and Jimbo admitted to liking Dunkeroos too.

But then DRAMA occurs, as Ashleigh said she liked Dunkaroos too.

Sierah is fuming at this point buuuuut what else is new.

The women are then asked to write a letter to Jimmy about what they’re hoping for in a boyfriend.

As Jimmy is handed the letters, the girls begin to shit themselves as their handwriting wasn’t neat enough.

Sierah on the other hand was concerned because she drew a d*ck on her piece of paper.

Um … anyway.

In the end, Jimmy liked Ashleigh’s letter the most so he chose to take her on a date.

During the date, Ashleigh drops a bombshell on Jimbo, saying she wants to have kids soon, which leaves him feeling queasy.

She leaves the date with no kiss and no rose, which for Jimmy, is quite a big feat.

At the cocktail party, the girls begin to interrogate Ashleigh, but when they ask if she received a rose, she immediately says “Don’t ask that”.

It’s awkward, but no more awkward than Jimmy pacing on the driveway looking S T R E S S E D.

Jimmy enters the party and pulls Ashleigh aside and basically friend zones her.

He clearly doesn’t want to be the father of her child so she’s just going to have to head home at this point.

Surprisingly, Ashleigh took it well, and she wished Jimmy the best of luck before heading home.

Osher fills the women in on what happened as Sierah rejoices.

There was no rose ceremony because duh.

Cya next week!

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