The Bachelor Recap: Steph FINALLY leaves and Petty Rumours Told in 8 Tweets

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Wednesday night’s episode of The Bachelor had plenty of tension, as the resident villain was sent home, but it meant another villain was born.

In another two-hour long episode (seriously, I cannot sit through these anymore), Jimmy takes Holly on another date and back at the mansion, the girls are discussing how they feel about it.

“I’m so bored. To pretend I’m interested would be a straight-out lie,” said Steph, to absolutely no one’s surprise.

Everyone is then getting ready to meet Jimmy’s mum, Suzanne, and everyone is making sure they’re on their best behaviour.

Unfortunately for Steph, Holly snitches on her and tells Suzanne that she’s bad news.

Steph, who has no idea what just happened, and enters the room with confidence, only to be interrogated by Suzanne.

“I really enjoyed Suzanne. I think we had a great time at lunch. And I’d be very surprised if anything negative happened after today,” she boasts. “I’ve got no regrets about how today went.”

Yeah no, Steph it’s time to be a biiiiiit more self-aware.

After Jimmy (whose real name is James) is told by his mum that Steph is awful, he decides to ask a bunch of random girls from the cocktail party whether his mum is full of shit, or if she’s telling the truth.

Ah yes, let’s believe Lily and Tahnee over your mum.

Tahnee admits that Steph has been playing a bunch of games, but there’s also another girl who is stringing him along … Jay.

“There’s something that someone has said … And I think it’s gonna surprise you because it surprised me when I heard it,” said Tahnee. “Um, the person that said it … I know for a fact you have something very strong with … Jay said she would like to finish runner-up because she heard that they do better (on Instagram).”

Anyway, Jimmy, who is now as confused as ever confronts Steph and basically asks her to fess up.

Steph puts on a Logie-worthy performance and begins to cry.

“Did you ask anyone about Holly and how sh*t she is?” she asks Jimmy.

“Steph, I don’t wanna sit here and have an argument with you,” Jimmy says, clearly exasperated at this point. “Do you genuinely see something here with me because, if not, I think we should just call it a day.”

And in a blink of an eye, Steph leaves the mansion and goes on some bizarre rant about how she would marry her exa thousand times before I would get with Jimmy.”

Next episode!

The girls are taken to the middle of a jungle, and Jay is concerned about people spreading rumours about her.

After much faffing about, Jimmy takes Jay on a date and asks her whether she was here for the ‘gram.

Jay was shocked, she vehemently denied the rumours but it seemed like Jimmy wasn’t buying it even though he claimed he believed her.

As they return back to the cocktail campsite, Jimmy tells Jay not to cause drama.

At this point, I say “please cause drama, anything to make this episode more interesting.”

She agrees but then ends up confronting Tahnee about what was said.

“I know about … rumours. And — woman to woman — I’m just wondering what you’d heard and whether you’d said anything,” asks Jay.

Tahnee refuses to back down and comes back with a rebuttal of her own.

“There was one conversation — where you were getting your hair and makeup done — that I did share with him,” said Tahnee. “When you said you would like to finish runner-up and you were talking about opportunities to take after the show.”

Jay bursts into tears and basically told Tahnee she’s full of it.

Surprisingly, no one caught what Jay allegedly said on camera.

At the rose ceremony, the tension is thick, but Jimmy ultimately takes Jay’s side and sends Tahnee home.

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