The Bachelor Recap: The Finale is Finally Here, Told in 15 Tweets

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I’m happy to announce that after writing a million Bachelor recaps and never missing an episode, the finale is finally here.

Jimmy Nicholson must decide between Holly or Brooke. Who did he end up choosing? Guess you’re just going to have to keep reading.

The episode is set in stunning Alice Springs, and honestly, if it wasn’t for lockdown, I would be booking my flight RN. Jimmy spills all the deets to his family, saying Brooke is nice but she’s dependant, and Holly is the type he usually dates … so, blonde with super white teeth?

Anyway, Jimmy’s mum Susan, who sends shivers down my spine is excited to meet Brooke because she wants to sus her out.

Brooke reveals she’s nervous to meet Jimmy’s parents and she doesn’t like families?

Like … do you just NOT want your partner to have a family? IDK but moving on.

Brooke rocks up to this brunch all jolly and excited and basically talks about deflowering their son and showing her sexy side and I had to physically remove myself from the room because I couldn’t handle it anymore.

Susan then has some private time with Brooke and confronts her about being a giant baby.

It was obvious Brookie didn’t impress her

It’s Holly’s turn and it’s kinda awks because Jimmy’s sister doesn’t seem to like her very much (she previously told Jimmy that she doesn’t think Holly knows how to resolve conflict).

Papa Nicholson takes Holly aside and interrogates her over dropping the L-word so soon.

Later, Dad says he doesn’t think Holly is the right one for Jimmy and he should pick Brooke instead. 

It’s fine though because Susan picks Holly and what Susan says GOES.

Single date time!

Jimmy takes Brooke on a hot air balloon overlooking Alice Springs, and for some reason, Brooke says something about her ovaries. 

Afterwards, Jimmy takes Holly to Uluru and just as the two were getting comfortable, Jimbo’s parents show up.

It was probably my favourite moment of the entire season, super cute.

Jimmy then has an uncomfortable conversation with Holly, as he openly admits he has reservations about the two of them because she’s similar to his exes.


We’re then showed Holly and Brooke all glammed up and looking stunning BECAUSE IT’S TIME.

Holly starts to cry in the car while Brooke seems incredibly confident that he will pick her.

At this point I’m clutching my chest, my Apple Watch is telling me I need to BREATHE and I’m on the verge of a mental breakdown.

But I manage to pull through, and Brooke is the first woman to approach Jimmy. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? WILL SHE GET DUMPED?

Yes, she did get dumped. 

Brooke begins to cry and tells Jimmy that he isn’t the one for her causing Jimmy to cry.


Holly walks out of the car, and my god that is a beautiful dress.

She’s nervous, but then Jimmy tells her that she’s THE ONE. He presents her with a stunning ring (read all the details here) and they kiss and live happily ever after.


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The End.

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