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The Bachelor's Bella Addresses Cody Simpson Dating Rumour

Bachie’s Bella Denies Dating Cody Simpson But Says She Did Spend a Night With Him in Sydney

Bachelor runner-up Bella Varelis has addressed the rumour that she had a fling with singer Cody Simpson in Los Angeles — and it's not entirely untrue . . .

Talking on fellow Bachie alumni Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne's Life Uncut podcast on Tuesday, Bella cleared up the theory that she'd moved to LA to pursue acting, before explaining what really happened between her and Cody. And it wasn't in LA or in the recent past.

"I might have had a thing with Cody one night a very long, long, long, long time ago," she offered.

While Bella was in the middle of a breakup, she and her friends went out to a bar in Sydney on Valentine's Day. There, "This really cute blonde bought me a rose," she explained.

"He bought me a rose, then slow-danced with me around Mrs Sippy in Double Bay," she laughed.

She described their encounter as "really cute": "That was it. It was just that one night."

Brittany prodded Bella about whether they had spent the night together, with Bella awkwardly admitting they had a "little bit of a sleepover".

The rumour about Bella dating Cody in LA stems from last week's episode of Megan Pustetto's So Dramatic! podcast. She claimed that a contestant had told her that Bella had boasted to the other women in the mansion about her relationships with Cody and other A-list celebrities.

"Every day Bella would bring up a new person she'd been with," Megan relayed. "She would say, 'I hooked up with this person, I've slept with this guy, there were just way too many to count.' She only dates celebs.

"Bella told the girls in the mansion that she'd slept with [Cody] and had a brief fling with him while she was in LA."

Talking to POPSUGAR Australia the day after the finale, Bella joked, "I swear I'm finding out new things about myself every d*mn day.

"I apparently dated Cody in LA . . . " she continued, before adding that she's not currently dating anyone. You really can't win. It is a bit of a spiderweb."

In the Life Uncut interview, Bella also demurred about whether she was currently dating another Bachie star, Nathan Favro. She insisted, "We aren't dating. We are not in a relationship."

But Laura and Brittany pointed out that she was blushing and squirming as she spoke. "I'm open to things happening," Bella said. "But he has been such a good egg. He's a sweetheart. He's been helping me through a lot of sh*t the last couple months"

Well that clears that up! Listen to the full interview for more goss on what really happened between Bella and Bachelor Locky Gilbert and with her former friend Irena Srbinovska. It's all so juicy!

We love it when Bachie stars come out and speak with candour about their experiences!

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