End of an Era: Channel 10 Axes The Bachelor and Masked Singer Australia

Channel 10

Bad news for any fans of The Bachelor or The Masked Singer Australia fans out there. In this instance, the two Channel 10 shows did not receive a rose this time ’round. The network has dropped the bombshell that two of its much-loved shows (or so we thought) won’t be hitting our screens this year. The announcement came shortly after Osher Günsberg discussed the potential cancellation during Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes’ radio program.

A spokesperson for Channel 10 swiftly confirmed the news, stating, “Network 10 will be packing away the masks and roses this year, confirming that The Masked Singer and The Bachelor franchises won’t appear in its program schedule.”

“They have both been helmed by the remarkable television presenter Osher Günsberg since their inception. This hiatus for The Masked Singer Australia and The Bachelor franchise will provide Osher with a moment to rest his vocal chords, which have been tirelessly urging contestants to reveal themselves, while also softly delivering the iconic line, ‘I’m sorry, but you did not receive a rose,'” the spokesperson continued.

What Happens to Osher Günsberg?

But hey, it’s not all bad news for Osher. He’s still got a gig. Okay, it’s not the glitz and glam we’re used to seeing him in – no flashy suits or funky hairstyles. But he’s staying on with the network as the narrator for Season 18 of Bondi Rescue, which is coming back this year. So, at least he’s not getting kicked to the curb.

“[Osher] remains a cherished presenter and ally of Network 10,” the statement affirmed.

Osher shared his thoughts on the disappointing news during his appearance on 2DAY FM’s Hughesy, Ed, and Erin, mentioning his ongoing projects.

“I’m still deeply engaged in building my extensive independent podcast empire, I’ve penned my second book, and I’m occupied with various endeavours,” he said.

“As someone who has been a freelancer for a considerable time, anyone in such a role understands the nature of the industry. It’s ever-evolving, and one must adapt and remain flexible.”

He emphasised that the show’s cancellation wasn’t due to his performance but rather reflects the current dynamics of the television industry.

As we bid farewell to these iconic shows, it’s a bittersweet moment for fans. While we’ll miss the drama, the romance, and the guessing games, we can’t help but wonder what’s next in store for our beloved Channel 10 lineup. But hey, before we get too sentimental, can someone please send Osher a bouquet of roses?

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