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The Bachelor Tells Bella He's Fallen in Love With Her

Yikes! The Bachelor Just Told Bella He's "Definitely Fallen in Love" With Her Too

Bella and Locky Gilbert headed out on their final date on The Bachelor tonight, where, on a picnic in a field, Locky told her he had "definitely fallen in love" with her, just like he told Irena.

Bella walked into her final date talking about how she felt like she was 16 again — that's how smitten she was. Meanwhile Locky mused that he didn't know what their future held, but that's exciting in and of itself. Together they got into a helicopter with no doors, where Bella said she was reassured by Locky's presence, despite her fears.

Afterwards, they went for a picnic, with a string section performing live. Calling back to the moment when Bella pinned a heart on his sleeve on the red carpet, Locky wrote his true feelings for Bella on his arm: "I'm a big believer in love at first sight and I think I fell in love with you on that first night."

He then said those cursed words:"I've definitely fallen in love with you." Locky, you're not meant to say that! They went for a night swim and where Locky tried to talk about their potential future. But Bella just said: "I just want to be with you. I want to date," adding she's excited to meet each other's friends. "I don't care what we do as long as we're together."

It's a sweet sentiment — except that she's seemingly unaware that he's having the same types of conversations with Irena.

Bella and Locky's Bachelor connection was apparent from the very first night, when Bella pinned a heart to Locky's sleeve on the red carpet. Since then, Locky has lusted after her big brown eyes, taking her on the very first single date — where she got the very first kiss! — and then on a second kintsugi single date. There, having repaired any awkwardness in their relationship from her trying to warn Locky about Irena, Bella admitted that she was falling for the Bachelor! At last night's hometowns, she cried when he needed to leave because of how difficult it is to talk about her feelings without being able to hear them reciprocated, before saying, "I do love you immensely." Locky seems so enraptured with Bella, but it might not work out for her!

Image Source: Network Ten
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