Where to Find the Beauty and the Geek Cast on Instagram So You Can Follow All the Fun


It’s the ultimate love story, where opposites attract and the geek gets the gal. We love to see it.

After a seven-year hiatus, Beauty and the Geek has returned to Australian television and we couldn’t be happier.

The show consists of 10 geeks and 10 beauties, who partner up to compete in challenges, find their inner confidence, win $100,000 and hopefully, fall in love. And of course, get a bit of a glow-up, too.

Hosted by Sophie Monk, of course, the trailer has already given us a little taste for what’s to come.

With the first episode out now and the second airing tonight, we thought this would be the perfect time to follow our favourite beauties and geeks on social media, to truly keep up with the tea.

Here’s where to follow the cast of Beauty and the Geek 2021:

The Beauties

Aira, 23, NSW

Follow Aira: @airacharles_

Ashleigh, 31, QLD

Follow Ashleigh: @ashleigh.thomason

Bryanna, 29, VIC

Follow Bryanna: @bryannareynolds

Eliza, 21, NSW

Follow Eliza: @elizasowada

Gabrielle, 20, NSW

Follow Gabrielle: @gabrielleloye

Jess, 19, WA

Follow Jess: @jessicaantoniou

Jess, 23, SA

Follow Jess: @jessicataylah

Josie, 21, NSW

Follow Josie: @josiewerner_

Kiera, 23, VIC

Follow Kiera: @kierajohnstone

Leticia, 25, VIC

Follow Leticia: @leticiabellanos


The Geeks

Alex, 26, VIC

Follow Alex: @alexmcchad

Frank, 28, NSW

Follow Frank: Sorry ladies, this geek is true to his title and doesn’t have an IG.

Photo: Nine.

George, 27, VIC

Follow George: @sirgeorgathy

Jackson, 19, SA

Follow Jackson: @thejacksonpalmer

James, 25, SA

Follow James: @human2herocosplay

Kiran, 30, VIC

Follow Kiran: @kiranraoau

Kyle, 22, SA

Follow Kyle: @kyleblaize

Lachlan, 32, NSW

Follow Lachlan: @lachy_mansell

Mitchell, 28, VIC

Follow Mitch: @theaveragerook

Sam, 23, VIC

Follow Sam: @sam_ready_

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