The First Sneak Peek of Beauty and the Geek Has Landed Sophie Monk Was *Made for This*

Beauty and the Geek
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With Celebrity Apprentice done and dusted for the season, we’re turning our attention to what’s next on the schedule: the new season of Beauty and the Geek.

The first look trailer has dropped today and the voiceover promises us “a journey of life-changing transformations”. Sounds great!

In the trailer we watch host Sophie Monk introduce this year’s beauties to the new pack of geeks. As they cruise in on a boat, one of the geeks worries about “nature’s aftershave”… the smell of saltwater.

“The waves crashing onto me, it gets onto the skin, and saltwater is not good for rashy skin,” one geek shares. “It’s like nature’s aftershave; it stinks so much.

Meanwhile, we meet one of our first beauties, who shares that she loves “makeup, fashion” before forgetting her third interest.

“Oh my God, I forgot my answer,” she says. “Makeup, fashion, what was the other one?”

“Dunno, Instagram?” a producer guesses.

It looks like the first impressions our geeks make on our beauties will be pretty wild, as one asks a girl what her zombie apocalypse survival plan is (she is left dumbfounded).

We also see one of our beauties ask a geek what he does for a living.

“I do maths teaching,” he says, to which the beauty responds, “I work at a gym”.

With so little in common on the surface, will opposites attract? If the trailer is anything to go by, it’s looking pretty good! We see dancing, wrestling, a prom-style event and a string of fun dates, but it looks like there are some emotional moments in store for viewers, as well.

“Guys my age they’re not nice… makes me feel worthless and like I’m not good enough,” one of the beauties shares.

In another moment, we see a possible love connection.

“I’ve never met anyone like you,” one of the beauties, Josie, says to her geek.

“I do really like you Josie,” the geek responds, before she says, “I like you too.”

Obviously, there’s a makeover moment, because Beauty and the Geek would simply not be complete without one, right?

We see the girls gasp as the makeover results are revealed as the voiceover promises us “the most uplifting, feel-good new show of the year”. Love that for us! Watch the trailer below.

Beauty and the Geek is coming soon to Nine and 9Now.

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