Beauty and the Geek: Meet the 2021 Beauties

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Do opposites really attract? It’s an age-old question and one that the 2021 reboot of Beauty and the Geek is hoping to answer.

Hosted by certified beauty–and self-confessed dork–Sophie Monk, this dating show-slash-social experiment will pair 10 beauties with 10 geeks to see if any sparks fly.

Speaking to POPSUGAR Australia, Monk told us to expect “goosebumps, tears and comedy saying, “You’re definitely going to laugh. It’s just so hilarious watching opposites coming into each other’s worlds.

“You won’t laugh at them, but you will laugh because it’s just so funny. And then the next minute you’re just in tears! It’s such a gorgeous show, so innocent and beautiful.”

So here’s how it works: the beauties and geeks are given a series of real-life challenges, and as they work through them and get to know one another, we get to see whether there’s a connection that overcomes their differences.

If a couple wins one of the challenges, they then get to go on a one-on-one date to see if there’s a romantic spark that could blossom into something more. On the other hand, the two couples who land in the bottom will have to compete in a head-to-head challenge, and the couple that loses that will be sent packing. Then, the final couple left standing at the end of the series will take home the $100,00 prize!

So, let’s get to know our Beauties.

Aira, 23/NSW

A fun fact: Aira’s quote to live by is: “There’s nothing that a pair of heels and a bad-ass attitude can’t fix.”

Ashleigh, 31/QLD

A fun fact: Ashleigh’s spent the past five years in Japan, where she dressed up as cartoon characters, superheroes and princesses every day.

Bryanna, 29/VIC

A fun fact: Bryanna is an entertainment reporter, and she’s had a pretty iconic career so far. She’s even interviewed Jim Carrey in Hollywood, which she believes is her proudest moment to date.

Eliza, 21/NSW

A fun fact: Eliza loves the gym, the beach, boys and cocktails, and isn’t shy around guys she likes. Although she’s never been in a relationship, she’s no stranger to making the first move; when she likes a guy, she’ll ask him out on an ice cream date!

Gabrielle, 20/QLD

A fun fact: Gabrielle is studying criminology, a career path spawned by her love of true crime docos. She’s into the macabre and isn’t fazed by all the blood and guts.

Jessica A, 19/WA

A fun fact: Jessica sells ethical handmade clothing and accessories as a side hustle to her studies in screen production and journalism.

Jess H, 23/SA

A fun fact: If Jess is part of the winning couple, her Geek better be into the beach because she’s planning on using the prize money to move to the Gold Coast, put down a deposit on an apartment, and buy a sausage dog!

Josie, 21/NSW

A fun fact: Josie’s a ballet and jazz dancer who moved to Sydney a few years ago to pursue her dreams. She’s super competitive and hates to lose, so we’re expecting to see her excel at the challenges!

Kiera, 23/VIC

A fun fact: Kiera believes her energetic, opinionated demeanour is a double-edged sword, acting as both her biggest strength and biggest weakness. Her motto in life is that “talent will get you in the door and personality will keep you in the room”.

Leticia, 25/VIC

A fun fact: Leticia loves going on walks or hikes with her girlfriends, but needs to get “that Insta story-worthy pic”. Same!

Beauty and the Geek premieres Sunday, July 11, at 7.00pm on Channel 9.

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