Get to Know the Pairs of Beauty and the Geek 2022!

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Beauty and the Geek has officially kicked off and despite only being one episode in, we can already see sparks flying between the first pairings.

Host Sophie Monk assured fans that there would be plenty of fireworks this season, and she wasn’t wrong because the chemistry between the Beauties and the Geeks is next level.

The reality series is known for its wholesome and heartwarming moments, as the Geeks go through a journey of self-discovery with the Beauties standing right by their side. 

This year, 10 Beauties and 10 Geeks are taking a crack at the competition in the hopes of winning $100,000. 

From a Harry Potter mega-fan to an avid trainspotter, this year’s cast of Beauty and the Geek definitely comes from all walks of life.

Who will fall in love, and who will choose to remain friends? Guess we’re just going to have to wait and find out. 

“Even though it’s a romantic show, there’s no pressure on them. So, if they want to stay friends, and just support each other, then that’s fine as well,” Monk told The Latch.

We love all of them already and can’t wait to see their relationships blossom as the show progresses.

In the meantime, let’s find out which Geek has been paired with which Beauty.

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