Beauty and the Geek: Sam’s Jaw-Dropping Makeover

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Love is blossoming on Beauty and the Geek and uh … it seems babies are too.

The latest episode throws the couples right into the deep end, as they’re faced with a challenge that is the hardest of all.

They need to pretend they’re expecting.

As tough as it is, the winner of the challenge is promised a makeover, so the beauties and the geeks put their heads together to come up with a convincing pregnancy story.

Their teamwork skills are tested as they’re forced to attend a prenatal class, with Aira giving an Oscar-worthy performance of a pregnant lady, leaving host Sophie Monk questioning whether she’s been pregnant before.

The stellar act led them to their win, as Sam geared up for his makeover.

But two underperforming couples were sent straight into elimination, as they didn’t appear convincing enough.

Kyle, Leticia, Alexander and Eliza battled it out for a chance to remain in the competition and in the end, it was Kyle and Leticia that were forced to say goodbye.

Seem Sam’s incredible makeover below.

Tune in to watch Beauty and the Geek on Sunday at 7pm, then Monday – Wednsday at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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