“Bel-Air”‘s Creator, Showrunner Break Down the Bombshell Moments in Season 2’s Emotional Finale


Is anyone else’s head still spinning after “Bel-Air”‘s emotional season two finale? For the last 10 episodes, the Peacock series has thrown viewers plenty of curveballs as we’ve dug deeper into the Banks family’s inner quarrels – from Carlton’s (Olly Sholotan) mental health struggles and Will’s (Jabari Banks) uncertain future with basketball to Hilary’s love triangle with Jazz (Jordan L. Jones) and Lamarcus (Justin Cornwell). But all their drama comes to a head in season two’s finale when many are faced with some life-changing decisions.

Compared to last season’s finale – which saw Will finally meet his dad Lou and kick him out of his life – this season’s final episode gives each Banks family member a chance to find solace in confronting their biggest fears. For Carlton, who’s been living a double life in order to maintain a picture-perfect image amongst his peers, that’s finally admitting to having substance abuse disorder. Meanwhile, Will realizes though he may not be able to control every aspect of his future, he can at least use his unique circumstances in Bel-Air (and Uncle Phil’s lawyer expertise) to help those around him. Elsewhere, Phil (Adrian Holmes) and Viv (Cassandra Freeman) bravely stepped into new chapters of their professional careers after much contemplation throughout the season.

“Everybody is, at the end of the season, moving forward on a forward trajectory and trying to make decisions for themselves and not look back and not create old patterns.”

All of these turning points are part of the theme for season two’s finale, titled “Don’t Look Back,” as showrunner Carla Banks-Waddles tells POPSUGAR that the idea was to have everyone focus on “moving on to something new and shedding what doesn’t serve you.” “Everybody is, at the end of the season, moving forward on a forward trajectory and trying to make decisions for themselves and not look back and not create old patterns,” she adds.

“Bel-Air” creator Morgan Cooper notes that the finale also builds off the coming-of-age story that began with Will in season one. As the 17-year-old high school junior continues to come into his own, it’s clear the Peacock drama is setting that same tone for everyone else in his circle who’s maturing in their own way.

After two successful seasons filled with thoughtful storytelling, epic guest stars, and plenty of nostalgic “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” easter eggs, “Bel-Air” will surely aim to top itself when it returns for its third season (which hasn’t started production just yet). Per the finale’s ending song – courtesy of old music collaborators Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s classic hit “Summertime” – perhaps we’ll pick up with the “Bel-Air” crew in the summer?

For now, we’ll have to wait and see where the story goes next. But in the meantime, we have plenty to digest from season two’s explosive conclusion. Ahead, we break down every jaw-dropping moment from the finale with Banks-Waddles and Cooper.

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