Meet Bella, the Newest Intruder Set to Stir Things Up in the “Big Brother” House

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The latest season of “Big Brother” is buzzing with excitement. We’ve already bid farewell to the first two housemates, which means it’s time to shake things up and welcome two new Intruders into the house. One of these fresh faces is none other than Bella, whose vivacious and bold demeanour promises to bring an entirely new dynamic to the house.

Hailing from Melbourne, this 25-year-old gymnastics coach is a vibrant brunette known for her sassy and outgoing nature. Bella doesn’t hold back; she admits to being a touch stubborn and having a knack for unfiltered honesty. However, beneath that upfront exterior, she exudes a positive and light-hearted energy.

Bella Is Ready to Enter the “Big Brother” House

Her journey into gymnastics began at the tender age of nine, committing a staggering 35 hours weekly to training alongside her school responsibilities. Her dedication led her to international competitions, offering her the chance to travel the world. Currently, she guides aspiring gymnasts as a coach and also dabbles in modelling.

Bella is no stranger to pushing boundaries and getting away with it, often navigating situations with quick thinking and eloquence. Known for inadvertently stirring the pot, she’s both competitive and unafraid to ruffle feathers in pursuit of her goals.

As an Intruder entering the “Big Brother” house, Bella plans to leverage her charm, good looks, and flirty nature to inject a fresh whirlwind into the dynamics of the house.

“Big Brother Australia” airs Monday — Thursday at 7.30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus. A weekly episode of “Big Brother Uncut” airs exclusively on 7Plus following the Thursday episode. 

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