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Bella and Irena Meet Locky's Mum in The Bachelor Finale

In a Bachelor Twist, Both Irena and Bella Met Locky’s Mum at the Same Time

Usually the final two meet the Bachelor's family for separate breakfasts in a beautiful location for the finale. But, seemingly to get the most drama out of former friends, now-rivals Irena and Bella met Locky Gilbert's mum in the Hunter Valley at the same time. And they weren't expecting it.

They each came into the breakfast at the exact same time, surprised to see one another, and not knowing how to behave around the man they're both dating.

Bella, a nervous talker, even decided to tell Locky's mum that she was close with Irena at the beginning, but that they were no longer friends — and it was uncomfortable to watch.

Each woman was taken aside by Locky's mum for a chat, where they gushed about how strong their feelings were for the Bachelor. Bella came across confident and strong to Locky's mum, while Irena came across as kind and "soft". Locky's mum was concerned Irena wouldn't stand up to Locky when he needs someone to pull him into line sometimes.

Ultimately Locky's mum couldn't convince Locky either way about who to choose, and said she approved of either choice. And, as viewers, watching these women pitted against one another . . . We can do better than that, can't we?

Image Source: Network Ten
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