Breaking Down the Feud between Joao Franco and His “Below Deck Down Under” Co-Stars

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The latest season of “Below Deck Down Under” brought an unexpected twist for viewers as João Franco, a familiar face from the “Below Deck” franchise, made a surprise reappearance. João’s return was met with mixed reactions, considering his history of clashes with fellow crew members, particularly Aesha Scott and Tzarina Mace Ralph.

As the drama unfolds, we take a deep dive into what went down between Franco and his castmates.

João Franco First Appeared on “Below Deck Mediterranean”

João Franco’s journey within the “Below Deck” franchise started on “Below Deck Mediterranean,” where he progressed from a lead deckhand to a bosun, leaving a trail of controversies along the way. His relationship with Aesha Scott was a central point of contention during their time together. Aesha and João clashed over his alleged misogynistic behaviour and derogatory comments.

Their strained relationship was compounded by João’s drunk alter ego, “Jezebob,” which contributed to a hostile work environment for his female colleagues. Aesha, who found herself at the receiving end of João’s remarks, referred to him as “the worst.”

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Aesha Isn’t Impressed With His Surprise Appearance

“I think we both know we didn’t end on great terms last time we worked together. But I think we should just leave it in the past. We are both heads of department so I think we’ll just [start over],” Aesha said in a confessional on the show.

In an attempt to mend fences, João acknowledged his past behaviour, admitting that he wasn’t always the best version of himself during his previous appearances on the show.

“Aesha and I have exchanged words to say the least. Take me back to five years ago. You’d hate me,” he reflected. “Jezebob is my alter-ego [when I am drunk]. It’s a God-forsaken dude that just kept f**king my relationships up with everyone. But Jezebob’s not around anymore. With Aesha, I think we both deserve each other’s second chances.”

However, Aesha remained sceptical, labelling João as “extremely manipulative” and “disrespectful” later in the episode.

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The Drama and Tension Continues

The drama didn’t end with Aesha. Tzarina Mace Ralph, another crew member on the show, revealed her own grievances with João. She accused him of mistreating one of her close friends, leading to a strong dislike for him. Tzarina described João as a “guy’s guy” and a “womaniser”.

João’s surprise return also brought him face-to-face with a new set of crew members on “Below Deck Down Under.” Despite his attempts at redemption, João faced challenges in establishing rapport with the deckhands Culver Bradbury, Harry Van Vliet, and Adam Kodra.

Well, it seems like João’s entrance has stirred up quite a whirlwind of emotions.

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