All Aboard! Below Deck: Down Under Is Coming to Hayu and We Have All the Details


An Aussie spinoff of the beloved Below Deck franchise is coming to hayu and it’s shaping up to be a good one. Below Deck: Down Under was first spotted filming in and around Queensland’s Airlie Beach back in September, and now, it’s finally making its way onto our screens.

What Is Below Deck?

Below Deck is a reality TV show that centres around the crew of a glamorous superyacht. While it may not sound like much, trust us when we say things get messy. The original series first premiered in 2013 and has just wrapped up its ninth season. Below Deck: Mediterranean has run for five seasons and Below Deck: Sailing Yacht produced its second season in Croatia.

How Will Below Deck: Down Under Be Different?

Unlike previous seasons, Below Deck: Down Under will show off a lot of underwater activities. In 2021, Bravo’s senior VP Noah Samton said one of the biggest focal points of the show will be the Great Barrier Reef.

“Not only is it down under in terms of being in Australia,” he said. “But a lot of the show is literally being filmed underneath the water in the sea paradise that is the Great Barrier Reef.”

“There’s a lot of diving, scuba diving, snorkelling spearfishing and the cast actually get involved in a lot of the diving excursions.”

Who’s Part of the Crew?

Of course, no show is complete without its cast, and Below Deck is bringing out the big guns. First off we have Jason Chambers, the youngest Captain to grace the Below Deck franchise. He’s athletic, loves a good adventure and knows when to take charge. While he knows how to have a good time, he also takes his leadership role seriously.

Next, we have Aesha Scott, who is returning to the franchise as Chief Stew. Straight from New Zealand, Aesha is bubbly and fun. But while her personality is infectious, she quickly realises that she can’t make everyone happy.

Joining them is chef Ryan McKeown, who has grown up in Philadelphia. His passion for food has introduced him to a number of high profile clients, but his ambitious nature can sometimes cause tension among the crew.

Then, we have stewardess Tumi Mhlongo and Magda Ziomek, who are both considered the life of the party wherever they go. Then, we have Jamie Sayed, a former Australian police officer, Culver Bradbury who has plenty of yacht experience, Brittini Burton who is friendly and personable and Ben Crawley, who loves to entertain.

When Can You Watch Below Deck: Down Under?

Below Deck: Down Under will be available to stream exclusively on hayu from March 18, 2022.

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