Charming Farmer Bert Is Ready to Steal Hearts on “Farmer Wants a Wife” 2024

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Get ready to dive into the heartwarming season of “Farmer Wants a Wife” as it returns with a bang in 2024! Among the charming farmers on the quest for love is none other than the affable 30-year-old Queensland farmer, Bert.

Bert is a down-to-earth farmer with a heart as big as his pineapple fields. Coming from a long line of pineapple growers, Bert knows a thing or two about hard work and dedication. Growing up on a small island, he developed a deep love for the ocean and all its adventures.

But Bert’s interests don’t stop at farming and fishing. He’s a guy who loves to rev up his motorbike, catch a game of sports, or embark on a spontaneous adventure.

Despite his rugged exterior, Bert’s really just a softie at heart, and he hopes to find someone who shares his love for simple pleasures and spontaneous fun. So, when it comes to finding love, Bert’s ready to roll up his sleeves and take a chance, whether it’s on the farm or on the TV screen of “Farmer Wants a Wife”. Who knows, maybe he’ll find the perfect partner to ride off into the sunset with.

Fun Facts About Farmer Bert

  • He’s a fourth generation Pineapple Farmer and third generation Bert.
  • Bert lived on a small island for a few years as a child.
  • He is happiest near the ocean.
  • Bert lived in Canada for four years and considers it his home away from home.

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