5 Album Releases from 2021 That Are Perfect for Gifting This Christmas

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Hi friends, happy festive season! It’s time to say goodbye to another year and kick-off 2022 with a bang, and in order to do that, it’s important to have the right tunes to set the mood.

If you’re the kind of person who leaves their Christmas shopping until the last minute, you’re not alone. We’re with you tbh. We’re busy, we’re working, we’re trying to catch up with people, we just honestly don’t feel like going to the mall and facing the crowds. I mean, come on. Crowds? In 2021? No, thanks so much, but no!

Don’t worry, though. We’re not suggesting you show up to Christmas empty-handed! We’ve got your back. This year, we’re going to be gifting our friends and fam some of our favourite albums of the year, selected especially for each person. We’re kind of over the whole iTunes gift card thing at this point, it just feels a little ~impersonal~, you know?

Gifting people a specific album is cute because it not only shows that you’ve thought about the person and their tastes, but if you’re a true stan of the artist and have already bought the album, it’s another way to get them up the charts where they belong.

Lucky for us, it’s been an absolutely stellar year for music. You can’t open TikTok without hearing Doja Cat, Olivia Rodrigo or Lil Nas X.

Maybe you’re celebrating Britney’s freedom and want to personally help her rebuild her fortune by gifting everyone in your family one of her albums (we will neither confirm nor deny that this is our plan).

Maybe you want everyone to feel as festive as you, so you’re thinking Mariah, Kelly Clarkson or even Rob Thomas’ Christmas albums.

Whatever music you’ve been vibing to this year it’s time to tell your friends and fam to get into it (yuh)!

If you haven’t gifted someone music before, it’s easy peasy. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Open the iTunes Store and pick the album you want to send.
  2. Click the arrow next to the album, and click “Gift This Album”.
  3. Provide the email address of the recipient.
  4. Write them a cute personal message!
  5. Select the date you want it to be delivered, and choose a gift theme.
  6. Check everything over and hit that send button!

With that in mind, here are five albums we highly recommend as Christmas gifts this year and who in your life they are best suited to.

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