A Celebration of Our Favourite LGBTQIA+ Characters From Television Shows


For the fifth year in a row, POPSUGAR is dedicating the month of June to recognising LGBTQIA+ voices, having honest conversations about sexuality and gender, and honouring individuality, through personal essays and allyship guidance. A roster of contributors along with the POPSUGAR team are sharing these stories throughout the month, so be sure to find all our pieces here.

June 1st marked the beginning of Pride Month 2021 — a time to celebrate our beautiful LGBTQIA+ communities and reflect on how we can be better allies to them all year round. 

The annual event is now in its 52nd year and while it can be said that we have made progress in terms of equality and representation for LGBTQIA+ people, there are also still many strides to be made. 

Of course, the entertainment industry has a huge part to play in how we positively view people who identify as LGBTQIA+ and, thankfully, we are seeing some improvement on that front. 

Gay and bisexual characters are no longer being relegated to playing minor roles or being the “punchline” in TV sitcoms and are now being represented as complex, three-dimensional characters who can and should be integral to the narrative. 

We’ve also seen better representation for the transgender community too, with groundbreaking shows such as Pose giving visibility to a group who have been unforgivably overlooked in the past. 

To celebrate Pride Month, and the shows that have waved the rainbow and blue and pink flags successfully, here are our favourite LGBTQIA+ characters from TV. 

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