Want to Work For Bethenny Frankel? Here Are the 5 Traits She Is Looking For

Bethenny Frankel

Imagine being Bethenny Frankel’s second-in-command for Skinny Girl Cocktails. Well, one lucky person is about to secure the coveted job, all thanks to Frankel’s new TV show, The Big Shot with Bethenny.

Released exclusively on hayu in Australia on Friday, April 30, the new competition series follows the entrepreneur as she searches for her second-in-command – a Vice President of Operations at Skinny Girl.

Named one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Celebrities by Forbes, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum puts the candidates through their paces. And as the competition progresses, the challenges grow increasingly difficult and consequential, putting the drive, vision, and business savvy of Frankel’s future protégé to the ultimate test.

“The series came about because I needed a second-in-command. I also was producing television shows with Mark Burnett [Survivor, The Apprentice], and we all seemed to like the idea of capturing this search for my successor,” Frankel told POPSUGAR Australia.

“I really liked it because it came about in an authentic way, with my real business day-to-day and it is based on authenticity with no real rules. There was somewhat of a structure but not really, it changes because it has to be a person that’s really working for me.”

Of course, being a real company, it could be you that ends up working for the mogul, and to give you a head start, we asked Frankel for the five traits she looks for in a candidate.

1. Come From a Place of “Yes”

“You need to come from a place of ‘yes’,” Frankel said. “You’re a problem solver, you find the yes, you don’t complain and you don’t tell me how the sausage is made, you just deliver it on a platter.”

2. You Can “Put out Fires”

“You have to know how to put out fires and you’re going to have to keep me out of the weeds. Just deal with it all. Figure it out.”

3. You Work Hard

“You just like to work hard. You want to get it done,” she said. “You’re believing in the big picture. You’re trusting in the process and you want to win.”

4. You’re Loyal

“Number four would be loyalty, but these are not in any order,” Frankel admitted. “Because loyalty would probably be first.”

5. You’re a Team Player

“Lastly, you work well with others and understand that no two days will ever be the same at this job.”

Stream The Big Shot with Bethenny only on Hayu now.

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