Big Brother’s Ari Just Told Us Some Serious Behind-the-Scenes Bombshells

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He’s one of the most strategic players in the house and Big Brother’s Ari Kimber is showing no signs of slowing down.

In fact, the 22-year-old Sydneysider has lied his way through the game, using a strategy he learned as a psychology student.

“I chose the strategy because when I was doing psychology, I did this research project that said people are more likely to trust you if they think you are similar to them,” Ari told POPSUGAR Australia. “If they think that you are similar to them, you have a shared interest, and you relate to them in some way, and I used it because these people were something I had absolutely nothing in common with.”

Currently, Ari is still a fully-fledged housemate and even won a nomination challenge in week four, however, a sly rumour about Brenton Balicki using up all of the peanut butter almost saw his hopes of continuing in the game come crashing down.

“I wanted to create a rumour about Brenton because I was desperate to get rid of him,” he admitted. “That morning, he was like, ‘I’m going to make Satay chicken’, and I thought, great! Hopefully, he uses up all the peanut butter and I went to check the cabinet and the peanut butter was gone!”

Ari went ahead and spread the rumour, however, unbeknownst to him, SJ Adams had actually hidden the jar from the housemates. While his plan “completely backfired”, Ari says he had a very good reason for wanting to Brenton to leave.

“I was just so desperate to get rid of Brenton and I used lies in that house,” he revealed. “Up until then, Christina [Podolyan] was my best friend in the house. She was my right-hand man and she would always follow suit when I made decisions, and then as soon as Brenton entered the house, I watched her loyalties drift away from me and I watched her attach herself to him.”

By far the most outspoken of the housemates, Ari shared some other major bombshells with POPSUGAR Australia — and you can bet we wrote them all down.

Big Brother Was the One That Got Ari Found Out During #PeanutButterGate

“As soon as I wanted someone gone, all I had to do was create a rumour about them,” he said. “Then Big Brother decided that we should all sit down and work it out and then it came back on me.

He continued: “He called everyone into the diary room and said if we can work it out, we will get a new jar of peanut butter. Big Brother was one thousand percent my downfall!”

When His Other BFF Charlotte Hall Left, He Became “Ruthless”

“I just went like ruthless. I went nuts,” Ari admitted. “I really changed my gameplay. I was originally trying to blend in and use the big personalities as a big shield, but after she was evicted, I thought, ‘Right. I am going to build my own alliance with Danny [Hayes], Adriana [Fernandez], SJ and Christina’. I just became even more ruthless and just turned on people.”

They Don’t Air the Major Arguments

“They didn’t air it, but after Charlotte’s eviction, I got into a massive fight with Jess [Trend] and Marley [Biyendolo]. Jess was bawling her eyes out,” he revealed before later adding: “There were massive fights that broke out. Charlotte [Hall] had a huge fight with Nick [Benton]. Danny had a huge fight with Charlotte and I in the cave and told the two of us that we were ‘lying snakes’ and that he was going to ‘ruin us and destroy us’.”

Christina Is the Best Gameplayer Because She Has All the Guys “Wrapped Around Her Finger”

“I think the strongest player is definitely Christina,” he said. “Christina’s ability to wrap every guy in that house around her finger blew my mind. She had Max [Beattie], Mitch Spencer, Brenton and Danny wrapped around her finger. She could just lure any of them in.”

Later he said: “I want Christina to win.”

Danny Has Lasted So Long Because He’s “Not Threatening”

“My game was to eliminate a threat and I’m not threatened by a real estate agent from Melbourne.”

Ari Barely Talks to Any of the Other Housemates Now

Ari says he only speaks to a handful of the housemates since the show wrapped.

“Oh my God, I literally hate everyone,” Ari said bluntly. “I only speak to Charlotte [Hall], Christina, SJ and Sid. I truly do not speak to anyone else, except Mary. She messages me a lot, but the twins hate me.”

Well, then.

Big Brother airs Monday to Wednesday at 7.30 pm on Channel 7 and 7Plus.

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