Meet the Intruders Set to Shake Things Up on Big Brother: Royalty vs New Contenders

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Big Brother Royalty vs New Contenders seems to be getting crazier week by week, and the case doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. As the name suggests, Big Brother Royalty vs New Contenders features former Big Brother contestants who have returned to the house to play alongside a host of newbies. 

From previous winners such as Reggie Bird, Tim Dormer and Trevor Butler to former flames Anthony Drew and Tully Smyth, the current season is one for the ages. Of course, the new housemates are making a name for themselves in their own right.

Who can forget Estelle Landy after she held out for two hours and 55 minutes in a challenge so she could protect her fellow OGs. That’s determination right there.

Despite so much happening under one roof already, Big Brother loves to throw curveballs here and there which is why we’re going to be introduced to two new housemates tonight. Brenton Parkes and Jules Rangiheuea are this year’s intruders.

26-year-old Parkes is a Sydney-based actor, model, DJ and entrepreneur. Describing himself as funny, creative, happy and loving, Parkes is ready to up the charm when competing against his fellow housemates. 

He’s mostly looking forward to “meeting everyone and having a laugh”, but don’t get it twisted, Parkes is ready to throw people under the bus if it results in him winning the competition.

Also new to the show, we have 28-year-old Rangiheuea who hosts podcast Good B**ch — a show about sex, relationships and everything else you’ve been too afraid to ask about. 

A proud feminist, Rangiheuea is a natural leader with a powerful personality. She hopes to be the first intruder to win Big Brother Australia.

While we don’t know how they’ll fare in the Big Brother house, we do know that the two of them are set to ruffle a few feathers.

Big Brother Royalty Vs New Contenders airs Monday – Wednesdays, only on Channel 7 and 7 Plus.

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