Mel Explains Why Ari Is the “Best Gameplayer” In Big Brother History

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Daniel Hayes’s regime has well and truly fallen now that Mel McGorman has become the ninth evicted housemate from Big Brother Australia 2021.

In another shocking blindside, Mel was put up for eviction by fellow castmate Ari Kimber and while a victory in itself, according to Mel, the 22-year-old is truly the most underrated and best player the game has ever seen.

“Man, that guy. He is a mastermind. He’s very, very clever,” Mel told POPSUGAR Australia in an interview after her eviction. “Through the whole process, I questioned him on numerous occasions about his game plan. I figured out a few times that he was lying and I questioned him about how much of a mastermind he really was.”

According to Mel, chatting with Ari about his motives was to her own “detriment” because when it came time to rallying against her and Alpha Daniel, Ari saw her as more of a threat.

“I told the whole house but they all thought I was a crazy person,” she laughed. “He’s so clever. He knows when to keep quiet. He’s extremely fit and he’s just not told anyone. He pretends he isn’t.”

She continued: “He so clever, to the point that he says he doesn’t drink coffee, but he drinks coffee every day. He was just taking the piss out of all of us. I think he’s probably the best player in Big Brother ever!”

Leaving the show when she did was obviously disappointing for the mum-of-two because a win would have meant “financial security”.

“It would have meant financial security for my family with all the uncertain times at the moment with the drought. We’ve been through two years of drought on one property and going through another one was really scary. That was the whole reason I had done this to try and get some income to secure us, so no matter what happened, we’d be alright.”

Big Brother airs Monday to Wednesday 7.30pm on Channel 7 and 7pm.

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