Big Brother Intruder Brenton Parkes Tried to Kill a Cow In the Diary Room

brenton parkes big brother 2022 interview

While chatting to POPSUGAR Australia after his eviction from Big Brother Royalty Vs New Contenders, Intruder Brenton Parkes revealed one scene we didn’t get to see at home.

Asked to share something no one knows about his time on the show, Brenton began, asking “are you vegan?”

He explained: “I don’t know why, I just don’t like vegans, so when I saw farm animals in the backyard, I grabbed one of the cows and snuck it into the diary room and I was trying to get a butcher’s knife to slaughter it because we were so hungry, so I really upset all the vegans and I guess that’s something that not a lot of people saw.”

He laughed.

“I hate vegans,” he reiterated. “I got in a lot of trouble. It would’ve made headlines.”

Another thing we didn’t get to see, according to Brenton, was him “losing it” during the Waiting Room challenge, during which he and Tim Dormer were locked in a room for an indeterminate amount of time — the show said that they were in there for 48 hours, Brenton said that it was actually 56.

“We were in there for 56 hours,” he alleged. “On TV they said we were in there for 48 hours — and that’s the legal time you can hold someone in a cell — but we were in there for 56, three full days.”

Noting that there was “barely any food”, scarce access to the bathroom and “no hygiene” or fresh air, Brenton said that the challenge began to fray his nerves.

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“Being in a box with someone like Tim Dormer especially, I’m lucky they didn’t show this, but right before they called cut, I said ‘Tim, I’m about to run through that giprock’,” he recalled, “and he goes ‘what do you mean?’ and he knew I wasn’t joking, and I said ‘watch this, I’m gonna run through that wall’, and that’s when Big Brother came over the system and said ‘okay guys, let’s wrap this up’ because I was about to lose it.”

Still, when it comes to the most challenging part of being on the show, Brenton said it was neither the lack of food nor the Waiting Room challenge, but rather, the pole challenge.

The challenge saw Brenton, Aleisha Campbell, Johnson Ashak and Tim locked to Big Brother’s “truth pole”, and according to Brenton, they “slept on that pole all night.”

“I don’t know if you like camping, but I hate it,” Brenton said. “It was freezing, there was a rat in my blanket, I decided to take a piss on the synthetic grass, and I didn’t realise there was no drainage because it’s not real grass, so like, I could smell my pee, I was strapped to a pole, and I knew the next morning that I had a second chance challenge to fight for my spot in the game so it was a really restless night for me. It was terrible, honestly!”

As for his best moment, Brenton said that it was getting to speak to his wife Beth Parkes.

“As much as it was very emotional and quite draining, it was just my best moment, because one day in the house with no technology, no connection to the outside world, no concept of time, one day feels like five days,” he said. “So being in there for five weeks, it felt like I was in there for a year without speaking to my wife, so as soon as I heard her voice just saying hello, I just lost it.”

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Big Brother Royalty Vs New Contenders will crown its winner on Tuesday, July 12th during a live ceremony. It kicks off at 7.30pm, only on 7 and 7 Plus.

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