“I Played My Own Game and Never Had Sides”: Big Brother’s Tilly Posts Emotional Instagram

big brother 2021 tilly whitfield
Channel 7 via Instagram @tillywhitfield

In an emotional Instagram post, Big Brother Australia star Tilly Whitfield has implored angry fans of the show to remember that it’s simply not that deep.

Long gone are the days of Big Brother Australia being all bum dances and Logan twin shenanigans. The revamped series is structured to be much closer to what we expect from Survivor; strength, strategy and social games are now all necessary elements of the reality series.

A great player and an absolute challenge beast, Whitfield has found herself on the receiving end of a whole bunch of angry comments from fans of the show who see her Big Brother gameplay as too strategic. They were especially mad that Whitfield voted to evict Sarah Jane Adams in a recent episode.

Jumping on IG, Whitfield, 21, hit back at the fans of the show who were taking her strategic moves a little too personally.

“I shouldn’t have to bloody write this but here we are boys,” she began, noting that the “majority” of fans “know nothing about the game”.

“I clearly said I was saving Jessie so the attention was off me,” she wrote, explaining that the feud between Jessie and Danny was keeping the heat off her, “regardless of the fact that [she] was winning challenges”.

“Thank you for your opinions but remember I was 20 years old and just doing the best I could in a high pressure environment whilst maintaining my morals and making sure I made my parents proud,” the housemate continued.

“I played my own game and never had sides. I had my people and no that doesn’t make me a ‘floater’ it makes me socially strategic.”

“I didn’t have advantages and I was sick of being manipulated by other players,” she said, adding that she was “clearly just doing what [she could] to win”.

Whitfield went on to say that for her, winning Big Brother Australia would “prove a point here for young people” around ADHD stigmas and stereotypes in regards to what ADHD looks like, and “how a person talks and acts”.

Finally, she asked that fans “stop saying [that] specific players don’t ‘need the money'”, adding “we don’t all feel the need to tell Australia our life story and our incentives… everyone has a story to tell unfortunately they don’t have time to show them all”.

Big Brother Australia airs at 7.30pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night (AEST) on Channel Seven and 7Plus.

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