All the Clues That Suggest Blowfly from The Masked Singer Is Shannon Noll

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There are only a few more episodes left of The Masked Singer, but we still don’t know who is hiding behind Blowfly.

Viewers at home are certain they know who it is, but whether their guess is correct is yet to be seen.

The singing and dancing insect dons a red bomber jacket with the words “Flytrap Pizza” written on it, and if the previous seasons of The Masked Singer are anything to go by, that’s definitely a hint.

Personally, I think Blowfly is someone from Fat Pizza, but the rest of the country is adamant that it’s Shannon Noll.

Considering how terrible my guesses have been so far, I would go with what everyone else is saying.

Which Clues Lead to Shannon Noll?

Besides Nollsy’s distinct voice, here are the clues that have been given to us so far.

“I’m Blowfly, you know there are flies like me all over the world but I’m Aussie as,” stated the clue package.

Shannon does perform all over the world, but he definitely considers Australia to be home.

“There’s nothing I like more than cruising in a big V8, or maybe a high-five. Blowflies know the highs and the lows.

“Those days of innocence are behind me and now I am the possessor of much wisdom. For a Blowfly, I don’t take crap from no one and that’s why I’ll win The Masked Singer.”

“I’m Blowfly and you can find me all over Australia. I fought real hard to get to the top of my little hill, or am I king of the mountain?”

While he may not have been able to beat Guy Sebastian on Australian Idol, he has successfully battled a drug and alcohol addiction in his personal life. 

“I’ve spent my time in the sun, including some of my darkest days, but I am a phoenix. I’m the Blowfly, and I’m buzzing to win The Masked Singer.”

Noll has a tattoo that shows a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Okay, maybe it is Shannon Noll after all.

This story originally appeared on The Latch.

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