Could Married at First Sight’s Booka and Brett Be Cam and Jules 2.0?


We’re calling it. It looks like it was love at first sight for Married at First Sight’s Booka Nile and psychology student, Brett Helling.

Not only did the pair immediately hit it off, but their similar interests, careers and family values scream match-made-in-MAFS-heaven.

For the 31-year-old Nile, before MAFS, she was looking for someone to live an independent life while not losing herself in the process, although finding someone has been especially difficult since she spends nine months of the year touring with the heavy metal band, Make Them Suffer, as a singer and keyboard player.

Helling, 31, is a man with a heart of gold and volunteers with the Salvation Army, dreaming to open a treatment centre to help those in need. While an electrician by trade, he is also a psychology student.

Mirroring Helling’s ambitions, Nile works in a psychiatric hostel, helping people with mental health issues step confidently back into society.

According to his official MAFS bio, all of Helling’s friends have children and partners and this is something he sees for himself as family is very important to him. Nile shares similar elk, with her parents having a wonderful marriage she admires.

It seems romance is alive and well!

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