“Boy Swallows Universe”: Travis Fimmel’s Role in Trent Dalton’s Emotional Real-Life Reunion

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Fiction weaves the threads of reality in “Boy Swallows Universe“, an epic coming-of-age drama adapted from Trent Dalton’s iconic Australian novel. The seven-part Netflix series is taking Australia by storm, but has also become a catalyst for unexpected real-world connections.

Set against the gritty backdrop of 1980s Brisbane, the series explores the tumultuous journey of Eli Bell, a young boy navigating the complexities of family dynamics amidst the harsh realities of adulthood. A captivating blend of magic and innocence intertwined with the brutal truths of the world, the story follows Eli as he grapples with a lost father, a mute brother, a recovering addict mother, and the unlikely figures that shape his journey a heroin-dealing stepfather and a notorious criminal babysitter.

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One of the pivotal characters is Lyle, portrayed by the talented Travis Fimmel. Lyle, the stepfather figure in Eli’s life, emerges as a central force in the tumult of the Bell family’s existence. Dalton, the author who created these characters, found himself on an unexpected journey of reconnection with the real-life Lyle through the portrayal of his character on screen.

Trent Dalton on Reconnecting With Lyle IRL

Speaking with POPSUGAR Australia, Dalton shared the emotional impact of seeing Lyle come to life through Fimmel’s portrayal. The storytelling alchemy didn’t just stay on the screen; it reached into Dalton’s personal life, prompting him to revisit a connection that had been dormant for a decade.

“It helped me reconnect with the real [Lyle],” he revealed. “In real life, that beautiful man went away [to prison] for 10 years and he wonderfully stayed out of the Dalton boy’s life. And honestly, the strangest thing that happened through this process has been that me and Lyle are back talking on a regular basis. And it’s really beautiful.”

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Dalton went on to recall a moment when the real-life Lyle acknowledged Dalton’s success as an author.

“A journalist called [the real-life Lyle] up and wanted to get a bit of, you know, just his story,” Dalton said. And he just said, ‘Tell that kid that I read everything he ever wrote. I followed the whole journey. I never stopped following him’. And yeah, he still cares for the Dalton boys.”

“He’s Got a Heart of Gold”

Travis Fimmel, who shined in his role as the flawed-yet-loveable Lyle, took a moment to recognise the complexity of the character.

“The thing that intrigued me the most was how much heart he’s got, and then how many flaws,” Fimmel told POPSUGAR Australia. “He made a lot of bad choices, and I’ll always say to Trent that I think he’s got a heart of gold but his brain’s a bit bronzed… But he’s always going to fight for the kids.”

As Dalton laughed, the authenticity of the moment resonated.

“This whole journey and watching Travis play that guy really helped me sort of go, ‘What am I doing? Of course I’ve gotta connect with that guy to say thanks’. That’s all I’ve been doing,” Dalton added.

In this poignant chapter of the “Boy Swallows Universe” journey, the lines between fiction and reality blur, showcasing the profound impact storytelling can have on the very fabric of our lives.

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