Big Brother’s Brenton Reveals How the Casting of the Intruders Actually Happens

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Big Brother’s resident “single” and “charming” housemate, Brenton Balicki, is finally arriving at the house and will be entering the compound on Monday, May 17.

The motorcycle enthusiast was included in the original cast list, however, fans were kept guessing as to when the former fine-dining chef would arrive. But now, it has been announced that six “intimidating” intruders are incoming, including the hotly anticipated 31-year-old.

“I felt like I was in quite a unique position. I was given the opportunity to make a name for myself early on,” Brenton told POPSUAGR Australia ahead of his arrival.

“It’s been quite a unique feeling because the other housemates have experienced being announced and then being on the show, whereas I’ve experienced being announced but not really existing yet.”

Intruders are an integral part of the whole Big Brother experience and Brenton said it’s because producers “fill any gaps that might have been created in the house”. In fact, the intruders are hand-picked while filming is already happening, after they can “gauge what the audience might be looking for.”

For Brenton, the whole process of being cast and actually going into the house all happened within “two weeks”.

“I wish I had more opportunity to watch previous episodes or another season or talk to people and get my head in the game before getting in the game physically,” he admitted. “My gameplay was to use my street smarts that had served me quite well in life, to figure out who’s who in the zoo.”

He continued: “Like any corporate environment or social scene, there’s usually different hierarchies or followers and there are leaders, and I knew that I’d be good at figuring out who those followers and leaders were.”

With some huge players having exited the house in the last week including Katie Williams, Nick Benton and Mel McGorman, Brenton feels that there is almost “a bit of calm happening in the house”.

“People are probably wondering, ‘now what do we need to light a fire under someone else’s feet to create another round of chaos?”, he said. “And the intruders coming into the house will do just that. It will create opportunity for new alliances, it will create new fires and it will bring a lot of excitement to the house that might not be there over the next few days and weeks unless we come in there and shake things up.”

Watch Brenton and five more intruders enter the Big Brother house on Monday, May 17 at 7.30pm on Channel 7.

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