Fall in Love With Photos of The Queen’s Ball: A “Bridgerton” Experience

POPSUGAR Photography / Chanel Vargas

Call me Lady Whistledown, because The Queen’s Ball: A “Bridgerton” Experience is the talk of the “ton,” and my feather quill is about to snap. This summer, Netflix opened its doors to fans in San Francisco, Atlanta, and Washington DC, welcoming regally dressed guests to an evening of cocktails, aerial dancing, portrait posing, and an audience with the queen. With “Bridgerton” season two on my mind, I had to check out the Regency-era soirée for myself, so I threw on one of my fanciest dresses (not nearly extravagant enough) and prepared to mingle like the future of the family name depended on it.

Wine glass in hand, I made my way through the crowd of guests – some adorned in pearls and lace, others in elaborate gowns that rivalled the queen’s – and snagged every photo op I could. The event began in an ornate hall, which featured a garden-themed cocktail bar, Madame Delacroix‘s modiste boutique, vendors selling merch like lace gloves and paper fans, and a spring-themed gazebo dripping in rhinestone curtains. After passing through a magenta-lit tunnel draped in flowers, we were escorted to a grand ballroom, complete with a red carpet rolled out in front of the royal chaise, where the queen herself sat to pass her judgment.

As people floated past me in Marie Antoinette wigs and Regency-inspired lingerie, I sipped my drink and took it all in like Penelope Featherington plotting the next issue of the Whistledown pamphlet. While no strict dress code was enforced, my fellow 19th-century aristocrats took the opportunity to dress to the nines, sparing no expense for their costumes.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Chanel Vargas

After having my portrait sketched, curtsying for the queen (she was mildly impressed!), and sloshing some wine onto my shoes, I made my way to the dance floor, where aerial dancers swung from silk ribbons and re-created Daphne’s love story with the Duke. The tone for the entire event was set by the live orchestra and skilled violinists churning out cover after cover of songs by Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and more. To close out the festivities, Her Majesty chose a Diamond from the crowd, and we all watched as a shower of glittering confetti came down around her, making the night feel surreal and magical.

As the evening came to a close, I felt like I’d just stepped out of an episode of “Bridgerton,” no closer to becoming royalty but reluctant to say goodbye. Whether you’re a “Bridgerton” superfan or you’ve never seen the series and you want to experience a night of extravagance, the immersive experience is worth it. Ahead, take a sneak peek at The Queen’s Ball: A “Bridgerton” Experience, and book tickets for yourself here.

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