After Allegedly Striking an Employee, Britney Spears Has Been Reunited With Her Dogs

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Late last week, Britney Spears got herself involved in some legal trouble after a staff member accused her of assault.

Now, new details have emerged as to what transpired before the hostile confrontation.

According to TMZ, the singer’s housekeeper took her dogs to the vet without Britney’s knowledge after becoming concerned over their wellbeing.

Britney was allegedly left furious, which caused the conflict to escalate.

Before filing a report, the staff member immediately called the Ventura County Sheriff’s department to the home.

A source recently revealed to People that Spears was “reunited with her dogs before the weekend” and is “thrilled.”

“Her dogs are a sensitive breed that often has health issues. She has gotten clear instructions about how to care for the dogs now,” the source added, noting the “housekeeper no longer works for her.”

Another insider revealed that “the dogs are back and they have more help now.”

The Ventura County Sheriff’s department has confirmed that Britney is currently being investigated over a battery misdemeanour.

“Ultimately that investigation will be forwarded to the district attorney’s office for review. It’s a minor misdemeanour battery [investigation],” Captain Eric Buschow told People.

Britney’s lawyer has released a statement on her behalf, saying the allegations are false.

“This is nothing more than sensational tabloid fodder — an alleged misdemeanour involving a ‘he said she said’ regarding a cell phone, with no striking and obviously no injury whatsoever,” read the statement. “Anyone can make an accusation. This should have been closed immediately.

“The Sheriff’s office itself has said the incident was classified as a ‘very minor misdemeanour…’ and said ‘there were no injuries.'”

Ultimately, it will be the District Attorney’s Office who will decide whether Britney will be charged.

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