We Gotta Know: Why Were MAFS’ Bronte and Harrison Cut From the Finale?

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MAFS” couple Bronte and Harrison were at the centre of all the juicy scandals throughout the season. From having a girlfriend on the outside and accusations of “gaslighting” to being called out for being a “fake” couple, they brought a lot of drama.

So, naturally, you’d think they would be included in the finale, right? Wrong. While we could see the pair at the reunion, their time on the couch was cut from the final episode. 

The reason Harrison and Bronte were cut was that the last dinner party provided the “perfect end to their storyline”, a source told Yahoo Lifestyle. The insider stated that “producers wanted to try and give the season a somewhat happy ending, which is why they cut Harrison and Bronte’s time on the sofa and left on a cliffhanger with Jesse and Claire potentially reuniting instead.”

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The source explained that Harrison and Bronte’s relationship had been the focus of the season, with “every aspect discussed in-depth every week”. The only fresh revelation was Harrison’s screenshots of Bronte talking to his ex. But the way that played out at the dinner party, with everyone mocking him, was “so organic and hilarious that it was the perfect end to their storyline. Him embarrassed as the whole group laughed at him.”

As for other couples who were not shown on the couch during the finale, Jesse Burford revealed on the “Married At First Sight” UNCENSORED Facebook group that Janelle and Adam, Rupert and Evelyn, and Tayla and Hugo “weren’t filmed” on the couch at all. However, some fans were also frustrated that they didn’t see other couples like Shannon and Caitlin, and Josh and Melissa.

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