Why Brooke Blurton Agreed to The Bachelorette After Swearing She’d Never Do Reality TV Again

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Brooke Blurton has been announced as our newest Bachelorette and in a history-making move, she is the first Indigenous Australian and the first pansexual to take on the role.

But for Blurton, even though people have known her for “what I am”, it’s “society’s pressure” to put labels and titles on it that she finds difficult.

“They want to justify it, right?” the 26-year-old told POPSUGAR Australia in an interview after she was announced. “For me, I just want to be Brooke. I just want to be introduced as Brooke. But, I think there are also those really important factors about me that are worth addressing and creating exposure around.”

Being the first Indigenous Bachelorette is massive in itself, however, being a woman of colour is more important than defining her sexuality.

“I don’t think my sexuality needs to be defined,” she said. “I think the fact that people were headlining ‘bi-Bachelorette’ just takes away from the real authentic me.”

While frustrating at times, Brooke doesn’t necessarily “hate it”.

“I don’t really feel anything towards it. I just don’t think it’s necessary sometimes. But I’m really excited. The fact that I get to do this is awesome.”

When asked how her casting will open more doors in the franchise, Blurton wasn’t sure “how to answer that”.

“I think there has been this very stereotypical casting that they’ve previously done for these types of shows,” she admitted. “And now as we become more progressive as a society with modern dating and technology, I think we’ve adapted the show as that happened, as we grow.”

She continued: “It’s really important that the show and things that we’re seeing on mainstream media represent what’s actually happening in society and showing the movements that are important.

“We have the power to show diversity and inclusion and that we all come from different parts of Australia and the world.”

As for her stint on the show, the Aboriginal youth worker is looking to “meet some really awesome people and find someone special”.

“I’m not picky,” she revealed. “Obviously I like both male and female and I don’t have a preference who I like more. I do like someone who is active and shares a lot more cultural values or values that are similar to mine.”

After her second stint on Bachelor in Paradise, Blurton vowed to never do reality TV again. So what has changed her mind?

“I was still grieving the Bachelor process and I was still a bit sensitive after Paradise and obviously I was in a relationship,” she admitted. “I think it had to be the right timing and the right fit.

“At the time, obviously I was very distraught and in a really upset place to say that because I feel like I was shutting off to an opportunity that could have happened but it’s about timing and what comes up. I have really considered this opportunity and I think I had to be in the right headspace and mindset to what to find that perfect person.”

While Blurton is truly the best choice for the role due to her impassioned views on qual opportunity, mental health and acceptance, she’s also ready to plunge headfirst into the part and have some fun.

In saying that, we asked her what her ultimate Bachelorette date look like?

“I come from the country, rural WA but I’ve always been in very hot suburbs and I really want to experience snow! I know that sounds so low-key but I would really love to experience snow!”

Let’s make it happen!

At the time of publication, applications are still open for contestants so head to Warner Bros. casting here and you can follow Brooke on Instagram here.

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