“I Was Pretty Sh*t”: One Year On, Brooke Blurton Opens Up About Her Time on The Bachelorette


A year after The Bachelorette 2021 premiered, star of the show Brooke Blurton has come out with what she really thought about the season.

The 2021 version of The Bachelorette was considered groundbreaking for more than one reason.

Firstly, Brooke was the very first queer Bachelorette. Brooke identifies as bisexual, and the show had a mix of male and female contestants for her to date.

Second, she was the first Indigenous person to front the franchise, paving a way for change and inclusion on network television.

However, despite what the show did for representation, Brooke has dropped some brutal truth bombs about her time on the show.

“So I was actually thinking about The Bachelorette with it being a year since the finale, and I was thinking, ‘Wow’,” she said on her Instagram Story. “On a global scale, amazing, great. Progression levels, great.

“In terms of entertainment value, did I provide it? Absolutely f*cking not. I think I was the sh*ttest Bachelorette.”

Unfortunately, Brooke’s season of The Bachelorette attracted low ratings. It premiered to just 397,000 viewers, with the finale being watched by even fewer people.

“Like yeah, the ratings will probably tell you otherwise — actually, no, they’ll tell you that I was pretty sh*t,” she noted.

“Actually, I did win the youth category; that’s all that counts for me. But I was so sh*t.”

The reality star admitted to being “sleep deprived” during filmed due to being “worked like a dog”.

“I just can’t believe I got through that whole thing and still found someone in the end. Not with them now, but I just can’t believe it,” she said of the man she chose in the end, her now-ex-boyfriend, Darvid Garayeli.

“I’m definitely not built for something like that, and I think still to this day that I was the sh*ttest Bachelorette. That’s not very positive, but I still think that.”

She does, however, recognise the profound effect it had on people from queer and First Nations communities.

“As much as that chapter has come to a full close. Representation, inclusivity, diversity STILL MATTERS. That chapter won’t ever stop,” she concluded.

“One day, I will find my person, but right now, I’m happy dating myself.”

Before her stint on The Bachelorette, Brooke made her television debut in 2018 on The Bachelor. Soon after, she competed on Bachelor in Paradise 2019, and now, a year after The Bachelorette, she’s back on our screens with The Challenge Australia.

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