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Brooke From Survivor's Reaction to Locky as Bachelor

Survivor's Brooke Was "Blindsided" by Locky's Bachelor Announcement

Survivor favourite Brooke Jowett took Instagram on Thursday night to talk about her relationship with the new Bachelor Locky Gilbert. The pair's romance played out on this season of All Stars, until Locky was voted out on Tuesday's Tribal Council.

"I'm hurt and a little blindsided (excuse the pun)," she wrote, "but I wish the best for Locky, I always will ๐Ÿ’• (Secretly I hope he stacks it and splits his pants on day one) Haha.

"I guess we had different things planned in our heads for what was to come over the next few months but you can't be mad at someone for doing what they feel is best for them, even if it does sting a little."

She went on to say that her experience on Survivor is not defined by Locky or any other man. "I was never hiding in his shadow in the game and I won't be hiding in his shadow now. But I will always cherish those times we shared, it was an amazing life experience.โฃ"

She then thanked her fans for their support, saying that she has "bigger and better things in store (maybe not bigger actually, Locky is pretty bloody big) but definitely better".

"I hope he finds what he's looking for ๐ŸŒน," she ended the post, before hinting that she and Locky had planned a trip to Bali in April. "It looks like I'm now going solo to Bali next month. Any takers?"

Speaking to TV Week earlier in the week, Brooke described Locky as her "person" on the island. After talking about travel in their Instagram DMs ahead of the series, their connection on the show was "instant": "As soon as we got there, we were joined at the hip." But Brooke always feared that their relationship might be part of Locky's gameplay: "I'd think, 'Does he like me? Or is just using me [in the game]?' And he's thinking the same about me! . . . But really I trusted him from the start, and it was nice to have someone who made you feel good and not miss home so much."

Filming for the series wrapped in September, and Brooke acknowledged it's "a lot more difficult in the real world that it was out there". She concluded that they're both single, largely because they live on opposite sides of the country, Brooke in Melbourne and Locky in Perth and Bali. "It's still on the cards. We haven't completely written it off, it's just complicated with the distance. It's such an obstacle."

In the wake of the announcement of Locky as the Bachelor on Wednesday, fans commiserated with Brooke on Twitter. Brooke joked in reply:

When Locky was evicted from the series, she wrote a gratitude post on Instagram, calling Locky her "ride or die and the greatest big manly blanket I could have asked for ๐Ÿ˜”โค๏ธ".

During the series, Locky shared his own pictures of the couple, captioning the post: "Always take care of the ones close to you xoxo."

In an interview with 10 daily after the announcement, Locky says that he hasn't yet met "that one person that makes me want to settle down": "I do want to settle down," he continued, "but I don't think I'm going to do that until I find the right person." Ouch!

Locky has since spoken to NW about his relationship with Brooke. "We became incredibly close during Survivor . . . But she lives in Melbourne, and I'm in Perth and Bali. I want to find someone I can marry, so it just wasn't going to work."

We've got to commend the maturity of Brooke's statement. Here's hoping the two of them find what they're looking for!

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