Gordon Ramsay Defends Brooklyn Beckham’s Cooking Career: “We Have Another Chef Joining the Mix”

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Brooklyn Peltz Beckham has been busy carving out a career as a chef on social media, regularly posting videos of him trialling different recipes. He launched a Facebook Watch series last year, called “Cookin’ with Brooklyn”, where he makes a variety of dishes for friends, and the aspiring cook has been keen to share tips and tricks with his followers. But his posts haven’t always been left to simmer away nicely. The 23-year-old has come under fire for some of his recipes, with unkind comments roasting his efforts.

In a recent video of him cooking a Sunday Roast, posted in early January, some fans were left unimpressed, commenting that the beef was “raw”. His mum, Victoria, quickly took to her (now deleted) Instagram stories to defend her son, stating the beef was “rare, not raw”. Now, Michelin-star chef Gordon Ramsay, whose family is friends with the Beckhams, has spoken in defense of Brooklyn’s passions and admitted he’s thrilled the eldest Beckham son is making moves in the kitchen.

“Brooklyn has grown up with my kids and is the son of dear friends of ours. I haven’t seen the video of his supposedly ‘raw’ beef, but even as a 12-year-old, whilst playing football, Brooklyn was always excited about food,” Ramsay told the Mail Online ahead of his new ITV show, “Next Level Chef”. “So I’m pleased that he’s gone down that road and he’s found something he really enjoys doing.”

Brooklyn, who had previously shown an interest in photography and football before turning his attention to cooking, has previously come under fire for being a “nepo baby”, a term that has been gaining traction of late, as some believe those with famous parents have an unfair advantage in competitive industries. “It’s hard, isn’t it? Because he didn’t ask for that level of intrusion from having famous parents,” Ramsay continues. “It probably came off a certain way, but it’s not his fault. So I have no issues against it. I’m excited. We have another chef joining the mix.”

Brooklyn regularly cooks for his wife, Nicola Peltz Beckham, and recently made fish and chips for her and their friend Selena Gomez, for Thanksgiving. He spoke of his passion to Variety last year, saying he prefers to be called a “cook” rather than a “chef”. “I’m almost 100% self-taught,” he said. “Ever since the start of quarantine, I’ve done it every single day, and it’s the one thing I’ve found that takes my mind off of anything I’m thinking about.”

With Ramsay’s guidance, we have no doubt Brooklyn will be serving up some mouth-watering dishes in the near future.

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