5 Things We Learned from MAFS’ Bryce and Melissa’s New Podcast


After months of negative trolling and concern for their relationship, it seems like Married at First Sight star Bryce Ruthven has had the last laugh.

Not only are he and Melissa Rawson living happily together in Melbourne, but the couple released a podcast together called What Happens After…, a 10-part series that looks at their life after the show.

It’s a “warts and all look at the development of a relationship” — their relationship — and after a week of build-up, it has finally been released.

The first episode was just as intriguing as an actual episode of the show and touched on lost friendships, mental health impacts, death threats and Bryce finally admitting to that MAFS timeline.

Here are the things we learned from episode one.

Melissa suffered such bad depression that she couldn’t leave the house

While fans across the country watched 10 couples meet for the first time at their wedding, Melissa struggled to leave the house due to a serious bout of depression.

“It was a really difficult time from when the show aired to when it ended,” the 32-year-old said.

“There was a period of probably three weeks where I really struggled with my mental health and I didn’t want to communicate with anybody, not even my own family and friends.”

She then went on to say that she had “had depression and anxiety since quite a young age. It was well known and I was definitely supported and continue to be supported, but I had some really dark days.”

“There were days where I didn’t get off the couch or I couldn’t get out of bed; I didn’t even want to get changed and I could sit in my pyjamas all day long. I couldn’t work, I hardly ate and my sleep was all over the place.

“It’s taking a little bit of time to get back to where I want to be mentally.”

For her TV husband and now boyfriend Bryce, it was tough to watch. “I was very concerned for your mental health and trying to help you get through it wore me down as well,” he told her.

Bryce “lost a fair few friendships” during the course of the show

It’s no secret that Bryce had his fair share of public critics, however, according to the radio announcer, he has also “lost a fair few friendships” due to his turn on the show.

“A few people have jumped on board and tried to take advantage of me being in the position I am in on the show,” he said. “It’s been quite evident where I’ve had people I thought were my friends get involved with gossip pages and media outlets to try and make a name for themselves for whatever reason.”

He continued: “It’s disappointing that I had such a poor judge of character. Or maybe it’s the industry I work in, in radio. People just try to get a leg up wherever they can.”

Melissa, defending Bryce, admitted that maybe they saw “elements of you they didn’t like and that’s where they’ve drawn their conclusion. It’s been interesting for both of us, the judgement we’ve had, especially from the people close to us.”

The couple received death threats on their social media accounts

“I’ve experienced what it’s like to be harassed, bullied, the death threats we’ve been getting online I won’t even begin to highlight how disgusting that is,” Melissa said.

“I couldn’t fathom a child having to deal with such disgusting, hurtful, bullying, body-shaming comments. I’m so terrified to think if we were to have kids one day I would just want to shield them from that.”

Bryce regretted being “brutally honest” about Melissa’s looks

During the third episode, Bryce was raked over the coals by fans of the show when he told his new wife that she wasn’t his type because she didn’t have blue eyes.

He said he regretted being “brutally honest” and now no longer quantified a woman by what she looked like.

Bryce admitted that he got the call to be on MAFS five days after ending his engagement

Probably the biggest bombshell in our opinion is the fact Bryce was still with his fiancé when he applied for Married at First Sight.

“I had emotionally and mentally checked out of that relationship. So as far as I was concerned as soon as I ended the engagement I was free as could be,” he said.

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