Even Bryce’s Mum Can’t Believe Melissa Has Stuck Around This Long on Married at First Sight

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They say no one knows you better than your own family and in the case of Married at First Sight’s Bryce Ruthven, mummy sure knows best.

On the March 22 episode of the hit TV series, we saw Ruthven and his fake TV bride, Melissa Rawson, head to the cinema. While the pair would have definitely preferred a romantic comedy that they weren’t starring in, the producers had something even better up their sleeves — family members.

Usually at this time during the experiment, participants would head to hometown visits, however, due to the global pandemic, no such visits took place and a Zoom call with Ruthven’s parents and Rawson’s sister and mum were the next best thing.

In what can only be described as TV gold, it turns out not only are we meeting the parents, but they also got to witness the first three commitment ceremonies — and let’s just say, Ruthven’s mum is not impressed.

“We’ve been watching your commitment ceremonies each week,” she said. “So, we know exactly what’s been going on.”

Always a glutton for punishment, Ruthven asked: “What have you seen?” and we bet he wished he hadn’t.

“Overreactions from you, Bryce,” she said. “Probably a little bit concerning. It’s been lovely to watch you but I’ve been a little bit worried how you’ve reacted to some things. Overreacted to some things.”

Of course, Ruthven isn’t “worried” about anything because he “knows what I’m like as a person” — which as his mother, she probably does too…

After the whole secret girlfriend saga is brought up by Rawson’s mum, Ruthven is forced to re-tell the story — especially the part where he put his wife fourth in the attractiveness test.

“I didn’t do it to hurt her on purpose,” he said, however, his mum was having absolutely none of it.

“Bryce, I don’t know what possessed you to rank Melissa a four and to be so stupid to say, ‘Oh well, I thought I’d be honest’. That’s just dumb. If you need to rank her, then lie. But the other thing is, I truly believe the experts have actually picked your personality. You do become defensive. You become outspoken. And they’re giving you advice and I’m thinking, ‘You’re not even listening!’ You need to listen.”

Ruthven tries to defend himself, however, his mum calls it “immaturity”.

“But Bryce, this is where the immaturity comes into it. Like the rooster, the chest is out and ‘I’m ready to go on the defensive.

“You’re at an age now Bryce where it’s enough is enough. You need to stop. You want to be outspoken? You’ve also got to take on board, how do you think Melissa is going to feel sitting there beside you wanting to support you and all you’re doing is really embarrassing her. In all honesty, I don’t know why she is sitting next to you at this point!”

Unfortunately, Ruthven didn’t put his listening ears on and is still blaming others in the experiment…however, if Mrs Ruthven is anything like our mums, then we know she is 100% right.

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