Here's How All of Those A-List “Bullet Train” Cameos Came Together

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Brad Pitt’s “Bullet Train” is an action-packed, summer box-office hit that also happens to feature several A-list cameos. In the film, Pitt plays assassin Ladybug, who boards a bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto on what he thinks is a routine mission. He’s not aboard the train long before he discovers his fellow passengers are also trained assassins with one common goal: kill Ladybug. This madcap premise leads to three huge cameos before the credits roll.

Even before the cameos are factored in, “Bullet Train” has an impressive cast. In addition to Pitt, the movie also stars Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Zazie Beetz, Brian Tyree Henry, Michael Shannon, and Bad Bunny.

Additionally, one of the “Bullet Train” cameos is revealed in the movie’s trailer, but that doesn’t make it any less delightful to see it unfold on screen. Sandra Bullock plays Maria Beetle, who is the voice inside Ladybug’s ear throughout most of the movie. In a recent episode of Entertainment Weekly’s “Around the Table” video series, Pitt revealed how Bullock always seems to show up for him, even when he gives her short notice.

“Sandy has bailed me out I can’t tell you how many times,” Pitt said. “I literally asked her to come host an event for thousands of people while she was on vacation: ‘Cut [your] vacation short, get a gown, and come through.’ And she’ll be there for me. She’s been an amazing friend for these decades.”

Check out the gallery to see how so many of Pitt’s A-list pals ended up in “Bullet Train.”

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