How Byron Bay Locals Really Feel About the Filming of Netflix’s Byron Baes

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You may have heard that there’s a new Aussie-based reality show about to hit our shores and it’s all thanks to Netflix. Byron Baes (points go out to whoever is behind the genius name) is coming and not everyone is happy about it.

You may have also heard that there’s now a petition to boycott the Netflix series which is calling on local councils in the area to reject filming permits meaning, no filming permits, no show.

Then there was the sneaky rumour that even Chris Hemsworth himself is looking to bounce out of the area — coincidence?! We think not! Well, probably to be honest. Even though we couldn’t quite get him on the phone to ask his thoughts about it — we did get to chat to another local to see what they thought of the reality show and spoiler alert! They are not happy.

Ash Grats, a content creator for brands with a lush Insta feed of her own, lives in the area — and yeah, she has a lot of thoughts.

Living in Casuarina, a scenic 35-minute drive north of Byron, Ash said the current culture up north is “very creative and supportive.”

Although it’s more relaxed and slower than what she’s used to, it’s still “buzzing with energy.” To sum it up, “It’s a very inclusive and inspiring community.”

That inclusiveness doesn’t extend to Netflix though — kind of. Ash isn’t against the show, more against the fact Netflix has “chosen to focus on a small percentage of people with a superficial topic”. Instead, she wishes they would focus on the “incredible businesses, creatives and initiatives” coming out of the area.

“My concerns are that it would be a serious misrepresentation of the people (including influencers) that actually live here, whilst inevitably perpetuating the Byron stereotype,” she said in an interview with POPSUGAR Australia.

As for the petition we mentioned before? Ash thinks it’s fair and warranted, and that she’s yet to see a single local person advocating for it. Which really makes you wonder… who has even agreed to be on the show?

Byron Bay-based influencer (say that five times fast) Ruby Tuesday Matthews explained on her Instagram stories that even though she was approached, she turned down the offer.

While Ash assumes the show could increase tourism to the area which “in most cases would be welcome” she points out that “the infrastructure here is already unable to cope with the number of tourists visiting Byron.”

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