Caity Baser Is Confident, Charismatic, and Unapologetically Honest

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Caity Baser’s star is rising and it’s easy to see why. Her catalogue of relatable, catchy songs alongside her loud, brash TikTok channel has seen her quickly become a Gen-Z phenomenon. 2023 has seen her head on tour, build her following, and work with cosmetics brand e.l.f., and now her single “Disco Shoes” features on the brand’s new TV advert.

“Me and my family used to play this game called ‘the advert game’ because, you know, that’s how we had fun. It was always when we were watching ‘The X Factor’ or something. . . I could always tell what the advert was by the song,” she tells POPSUGAR. “So now when I play the advert game, I’ll be like ‘oh, I know this one, just a little thing that I did’.”

And it really is the perfect partnership. Baser is unapologetically honest and comfortable in her own skin and e.l.f.’s latest campaign is all about individuals expressing themselves in their most authentic way. While Baser showcases most of her life and her larger-than-life personality on social media, which we all know can be just as troubling as it is liberating, we somehow get the feeling that nothing phases her.

“You’re unstoppable in your bounceback week.”

“I feel like I stopped caring,” she says of her unabashed confidence. “I feel like in school and stuff I was not like this. I was quite shy, I was really a bit of a doormat, and I wouldn’t really say anything. Then it got to the point where I was like ‘what am i doing? I’m exhausting myself pretending to be someone’.” She credits her drama teacher for encouraging her to lean into her talent and be herself and it’s advice that has certainly paid off.

Baser, who defines herself as a chronic over-sharer, puts her experiences into her songs, largely singing about relationships, breakups, inclusivity, and . . . DILFs. As such, her loyal fans often turn to her for dating advice. “Feelings are temporary, people are temporary. Feel everything, feel as sad as you can, don’t get out of bed, be miserable, and then honestly a week later something will click and you’ll be like ‘oh”,” she explains. “People are afraid to feel and are afraid to be like ‘I’m sad’, but it’s actually amazing to cry and have a week or so when you just don’t feel like yourself. Because then that bounceback week is unstoppable. You’re unstoppable in your bounceback week.”

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While her personality is undoubtedly her USP, Baser likes to have fun with her clothes and makeup. “I do a lot of shows and my favourite part is before the show when I have like an hour to get myself ready. It’s like my chilled out time,” she says. “You know before you go on a night out and you get ready – that’s the best part of the night, right? It’s like I do that, express myself. And then I get on stage and do it all over again.”

“I feel like I never had this drive within me to be myself, and do well, and make a difference, but recently it’s been deafening.

Her bright, graphic eyeliner has become her signature look, as have her colourful stage outfits. The e.l.f. Brow Lift (£6), e.l.f. No Budge Matte Eyeshadow Stick (£5), and e.l.f. Lip Lacquer in Clear (£4) are her go-to products, and she turns to them whenever she feels a little lacklustre, “because when you look good, you feel good.”

As Baser continues to empower others to be their best selves through her music, social media, and being part of the e.l.f. cosmetics family, she has also found an inner strength that she channels. “I feel like I never had this drive within me to be myself, and do well, and make a difference, but recently it’s been deafening. I think about it all the time, about what I can do and how I can spread a message to make people feel more ok,” she says. Baser’s journey is just getting going, and her self-confidence really does shine. So what’s next for the 21-year-old? “A big body of work, releasing it, slaying it, going on tour. Taking over the world. Looking amazing as I go along the way!”

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