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Candice Warner on Sonny Bill Scandal on SAS Australia

Candice Warner Explains the Real Impact of the Sonny Bill Scandal on SAS Australia


Candice Warner talked about the Sonny Bill Williams scandal again on SAS Australia, and can we please just move on from this boring slut-shaming narrative?

As part of a trust exercise, the remaining nine contestants were asked to share something that they're ashamed of and regret on Monday night's episode. Chief Instructor Ant Middleton said it was about establishing trust by sharing "weaknesses and insecurities", but knowing that they're not going to be used against them.

"A long time ago, when I was young, I got myself in a compromising position, which I regret. It had a huge impact on my family," Candice began, referencing her drunken hookup with footballer Sonny Bill Williams in 2007. She was filmed without her consent by a member of the public in a Sydney pub bathroom with Sonny.

When asked by Ant what the "situation" was exactly, Candice deflected. "It was just a personal situation, too many drinks . . ." she struggled to politely explain the incident, before personal trainer Shannan Ponton cut in and reiterated the "compromising position" line.

"Living with that, and then having to explain to my kids in the future, is going to be very difficult — especially when you've got three girls," Candice said, getting teary.

"Yes, I'd made a mistake," Candice offered to camera. "But is that really worth, every single day, the media trying to drag me down? I don't think so."

"I remember sitting on the side of the street and not being able to take it anymore, just thinking, If this is what life's about, then I can't take it anymore."

It's not the first time Candice has addressed the scandal on the show. In her interrogation last month, which you can watch in full on the 7plus website, she explained that she had been "mock[ed]" and "belittle[d]" in South Africa, where her husband, cricketer David Warner, was then involved in a ball tampering incident.

Some spectators wore masks of Sonny's face and taunted David about Candice's past, while the South African wicketkeeper Quinton de Kock made a "vile" comment about her on the pitch, that actually led to a physical fight and censure from the International Cricket Council.

Ant asked what "incident in the past" led to her being made fun of in South Africa. "It was just a bad mistake," she said.

"People, they question my integrity," she added. "They used to think I was a bit of a joke, so I've come on here to show people what myself and my family are made of. I think I've been through a fair bit and I'm still here. I'm still fighting."

Ant admitted that he and Directing Staff Jason "Foxy" Fox had looked up her scandal and dismissed it, calling the public's fixation "pathetic". "That's f*cking having a little bit of fun when you're young . . .," he concluded. He encouraged Candice to be less defensive and instead sure of her character and her value, taking support from her loved ones.

Yes! This! OK, now it's time to stop dragging up this mildly titillating story and let Candice live.

SAS Australia airs on Channel Seven, Monday to Tuesday. Join us at our Facebook group Pass the Popcorn to gab about all things reality TV.

Image Source: Channel Seven
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