What Does “Bongos” Mean? Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s Lyrics Make It Clear

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Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion made their triumphant collaborative return with “Bongos” on Sept. 8, offering up what is effectively a sequel to their 2020 pussy rap smash hit, “WAP.”

“WAP” and its sexual lyrics struck a cord worldwide with supporters and critics alike. Its detractors claimed it demeans women, while supporters pointed out the song promotes unapologetic sexual expression on women’s terms in an industry overflowing with men who sing and rap about sex and face far less scrutiny.

Cardi and Megan continue their message of women’s sexual empowerment with “Bongos.” However, with “WAP,” the meaning behind the song’s title was a little more straightforward: it meant “wet ass pussy,” and that lyric was interspersed repeatedly throughout the song. Fans might be wondering what “bongos” means now, considering the word itself is not used quite as frequently or explicitly in the song’s lyrics.

But while “Bongos” is a tiny bit less straightforward than “WAP” (the word is only rapped in the actual lyrics of the song once), its meaning is still evident by the end. Read on to learn the meaning behind Megan and Cardi’s latest song title.

What Does “Bongos” Mean?

At one point in “Bongos,” Cardi raps, “Better beat this sh*t like a drum,” referring to the act of sex creating a steady beat – and therein lies the inspiration behind the song’s title. “Bongos”‘s overall theme centers on women proudly embracing their sexuality. Whether they’re singing about twerking or sex, the words “bongos” and “drum” (and even how the word bongos is repeated in the background throughout the song, creating a literal drum beat) is a euphemism for, well, sex!

What Does “My Backshots Sound Like Bongos” Mean?

The one time “bongos” is used explicitly in the lyrics of “Bongos” is when Megan raps, “My backshots sound like bongos.” In this context, “backshots” seemingly refers to the photographic or cinematic definition of the term: a shot taken from behind a subject.

Considering Cardi and Megan regularly feature twerking in their choreography, her backshots sound like “bongos,” because when she’s filmed from behind, she’s often twerking or, in other words, making her ass clap. In the following line, Megan raps, “I ain’t scared to admit, I’m a freak ho,” which could also mean the previous line alludes to filming oneself from the back when having sex.

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “Bongos” Lyrics

Check out the lyrics of “Bongos” in their entirety below (via Genius).

INTRO (Cardi B)
Bong-bong-bong (We good?)
Bong-bong-bong-bong-bong (Like a drum)
Bong-bong-bong-bong-bong-bong-bong (Haha, this is fire)

VERSE 1 (Cardi B)
N***a, eat this ass like a plum (Plum)
This pussy tight like a nun (Nun)
Better chew it up like it’s gum (Gum)
Then wipe your mouth when you done (Okay)

I’m hot like Nevada, pussy get popped, piñata
B*tch, I look like money (Like money)
You could print my face on a dollar

Beat it up (Bong-bong-bong)
Beat it up (Bong-bong-bong)
Beat it up (Bong-bong-bong)
Beat it up (Bong), okay

Five, four, three, two, one, lift off (Hey)
Honey, I’m home, shoes gettin’ kicked off (Uh)
Every time I turn around, a b*tch pissed off (Ah-ha)
Little dusty ass hoes need a lint brush (Woo)

You gon’ settle down, you gon’ livе with him (What?)
I don’t even wanna post a pic with him (No)
The bag hе just bought me was a Goyard (Goyard)
That ain’t your n***a, he is both ours

Pussy tight like a nun (Nun)
Countin’ up hundreds with my thumb (Thumb)
I don’t care where you from (From)
Better beat this sh*t like a drum (Okurrr)

Don’t be talkin’ sh*t like you know me (Woo)
I ride dick like a pony, girl
That n***a look like a brokey (Real hot girl sh*t)
Go and f*ck with his homie, he a- (Ah)

VERSE 2 (Megan Thee Stallion)
This ass sit like the stallion, all these wannabes my lil’ ponies
These hoes camped out in the comments, always talkin’ like they know me (Ayy)

Thick b*tches in the black truck, packed in
Eat whoever in my way, Ms. Pacman
Hermes, made a real big purchase
Purse so big, had to treat it like a person

Bad b*tch (Bad b*tch) in real life (In real life)
Show me real love (Yeah, yeah), give a f*ck about them likes (‘Bout them likes)
B*tch tryna say, “I ain’t fine,” oh, aight
They know I’m thick like I’m eatin’ beans with the rice

Like lean over ice, got the real meat pies (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I be spillin’ like my ass out these jeans when they tight (Yeah, uh, yeah)
And the way they watch me, need to be monetized (Ah)
I’ma need a money bag if I sleep overnight

Wait, wait (Hold up), wait, wait (Hold up), wait
Hoes pop pills, but I’m the one they can’t take (Yeah)
Hot girl sh*t, I’ma make somethin’ shake (Brrt)
I know these stiff hoes can’t relate (Ah)

VERSE 3 (Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion)
Shoot your shot like a free throw
Just know this pussy ain’t free, though
My BD is a Migo, b*tch, your BD is a zero

My backshots sound like bongos
I ain’t scared to admit, I’m a freak ho (Ah)
At least I’m gettin’ my money (Yeah)
Y’all hoes broke, pussy took more turns than a key hole (Hahaha)

INTERLUDE (Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion)
It did
Like a bun
I’ma throw it back like it’s Thursday
I got cake, I’m lit, it’s my birthday, ah

VERSE 4 (Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion)
Don’t ride it on my knees, b*tch, I ride it on my toes (Uh)
Big fat ass, it be eatin’ up the thong
Got a garage full of foreign cars that I never drove (Yeah)
A b*tch couldn’t school me with a student loan

I’m so sexy, I could Met Gala in a robe (Robe)
I could body every look and I could body every pose (Yes)
Neck full of diamonds, yeah, I’m forever froze
Will Cardi ever fall off? B*tch, we’ll never know (Woo)

OUTRO (Cardi B)
B*tch, I’m hot like Nevada, pussy get popped, piñata (Bop)
Lookin’ like money (Cold), you could print my face on a dollar (Okurrr)

This pussy, Dominicana
This pussy, Americana, ayy
Si tú quiere’ que te toma, toma
Bought a couple cribs on my own, I’m a owner

Beat it up
Real hot girl sh*t
La Cardi (Ah)

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “Bongos” Music Video

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